VIDEO: Johnson, Smith Meet The Media

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Rashard Smith and Dontae Johnson talk with the video media at the 2013 ACC Football Kickoff.

Rashard Smith:
"Yes, I've found a home. Having coach Frisman Jackson teach me wide receiver techniques, and then last year having coach Walters teach me techniques, being focused on receiver has helped me a lot coming into this season."

"My focus is at wide receiver and being a kick returner, punt returner."

"Coach Doeren is a great guy. He brought in his new system, brought in a new staff. Every player on the team embraced the new system and embraced the new staff."

"All the players are one big family. We love the coaches, we love each other. Coach O'Brien and the old staff were great guys also. We loved being around those guys and they were in our lives like the new coaching staff."

"It's a blessing, having the opportunity to work with four different quarterbacks at the same time."

"Come August 31st we'll know who the starter is. Pete Thomas, Manny Stocker, Brandon Mitchell the transfer and Bryant Shirreffs the true freshman... it's a fun feeling being around all four guys."

"As an offense, we're waiting on camp to start to see who can win the job. We love the competition between them."

"They are a family also."

"It's exciting to see the coaches on the social networks tweeting about the season, tweeting about practice, tweeting about getting another recruit. It's a great feeling. They want to be in the player's lives."

"I'd say my best friend on the team, I've been living with him since 2009, he's had two knee surgeries and coming back this season. I'd say Jarvis Byrd."

"From the two guys I met from Syracuse I know they are big... Syracuse is a great program."

"The ACC is a great conference and the commissioner is doing a great job of bringing in new teams."

"I'd like to see coach Doeren go through a practice, just as a player. Let me be coach Doeren and he can be Rashard Smith for a day. But, those episodes just show you what type of a guy coach Doeren is. He's an outgoing person. He's very fun to be around."

Dontae Johnson:
"The list of names you brought up is a great group of guys. I'm looking forward to the challenge. I'm excited about it."

"Coach Doeren is a great guy, he's a great motivator and mentor. He's one of those guys you want to look up to."

"I really feel like if we have any problems we can go to him or any of our coaches, the door is always open and talk to them about life in general, which is great. It's a sense of family and security."

"He just holds people accountable, which is really a unique thing that I really cherish."

"From the defensive side of the ball, it's great just seeing the different attributes of the quarterbacks. Being on the defensive side I don't know too much about the quarterbacks, but I'd feel comfortable with all of those guys starting, any one of them."

"Whoever the coaching staff appoints I'll have all my faith in them."

"Losing those three guys to the NFL hit us really hard, but we have some guys that can step in and fill the void, and they are confident they can do what it takes to play at this level."

"They are on the social media networks with us... it's kind of weird to see the coaches tweeting a little bit, but it's still a sense of family and knowing what we're doing.

"They are monitoring us in a good way, which is great... just to make sure... it's kind of like that mentoring factor that you want."

"I'm excited for those guys to come in and show they are competitors as well and they can play."

"It's really too early to tell. We're still learning the defense right now, going into camp."

"It's more basic coverages, regular base coverages."

"That's a challenge. I feel like my guys are willing to accept that and just showcase the talent that NC State has."

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