ACC Kickoff: Dave Doeren

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media at the 2013 ACC Football Kickoff.

Dave Doeren ACC Kickoff Audio

"I hope I have a plan (for the quarterback situation). We've got five guys, you know who they are. Pete came out of the spring ahead of Manny ,and we added Brandon to add more competition for Pete. Those two being the oldest are probably the front runners, but I wouldn't count out the freshman. We'll get into camp, and all five guys will get reps. The older guys will get more reps at first. We'll compete a little bit. If we can name a starter we will."

"Both systems have shown they work in college football. I've never been a part of a two-QB system as a head coach, but I've only been a coach for two years. It doesn't scare me. As the head coach, I want to put the best possible formula out there for us to win. If that's two guys that is OK. When I got here there were two quarterbacks and now we have five, so my odds have improved."

"The biggest challenge is you don't know what you have because you haven't been out there with them against the competition you're going to face. I could think we're really good or really bad, and we're probably somewhere in the middle. You have to go game by game and really reassess your talent the first five games of the year."

"We love (Raleigh). The people are friendly, there is a lot to do. We love to be outdoors, and there are good opportunities to do that, whether it's at the beach or on a river. Campus itself is beautiful, it's been fun."

"We've had coaches at every school. I've got nine assistant coaches, and seven of those nine have a part of the state that is theirs. We were in every single high school. We've had multiple clinics, we've had coaches work our camps. We're trying to build bridges with the schools and get as many kids as we can on campus. They are state residents that have grown up here and they should want to help the state. Having been a coach at other schools, the in-state kid gets a different experience than the out-of-state kid. When you're the hometown here and you hope your school do something special, it's different. We want to keep our best players at home, whether it's my university or another one across the state."

"Twitter is free advertising. It's how people communicate. It's how kids talk to each other, it's how parents talk to their kids, it's how girlfriends talk to their boyfriends. For us to ignore an outlet that costs no money, it's a great way for us to be a part of the mainstream. And it shows players how we can relate to them."

"At Northern, we had a new quarterback, but we lost all of our offensive line. That was scary, and it was the biggest hurdle we had to overcome. At NC State, we lost more starters and more lettermen than any other team in the ACC. We're going to be a young team this year."

"I love the schedule. Eight home games. Our greatest advantage is our home fans, and we only have to leave the state two other times. Eight home games with a new quarterback, I guarantee they are ecstatic."

"The offense is a hybrid. It's a no-huddle. It's Wisconsin and Oregon combined. It's power, it's passes with all the things that go into the spread and making people play in space. I was fortunate that Northern Illinois ran the pistol before I got there, so part of what I wanted to do they were already doing. TCU was the team I played in the Rose Bowl the year I got that job, and defending their offense you could tell the head coach was a defensive coach because he made their offense do everything that defensive coaches hate to defend. I really have a lot of respect for Gary Patterson and I said I'm going to write down all the stuff that makes this game difficult."

"(The offensive style is) spreading. The NFL is doing a lot of no-huddle stuff. The pistol showed up last year. What they see on NFL football is a big deal to them. It is an exciting brand. There are a lot of big plays, a lot of explosive plays."

"In a perfect world, your quarterback is like a wildcat guy where you have to worry about him throwing and running."

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