Veltkamp: "It Was A Fun Summer"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State strength coach Jason Veltkamp met with the media following NC State's Lift For Life event.

Jason Veltkamp

"In the winter it was kind of another day of grind, change things up. In the summer it's capping things off... saying we're ready to roll."

"It's obviously a great cause, and the thing I love about it is it's brought from within the team. They came to me, I think back in March, and said they'd really like to do this thing a second year and continue it on. [Tyler] Purvis and [Andy] Jomantas have done a lot of work for it a and it means a lot to them. They've got it to mean a lot to a lot of players. That's a great deal. Anytime stuff like that comes from within the team, hopefully that means you're headed in the right direction."

"There was a winning team. I'm not even sure who they were now. where we're all winners is how long that championship match went. when two teams match up like that and go and go and go, that's hard to beat. It kind of gives you chills. That's what we want to see in everything we do,.. just battle, and battle.'

You saw the guys that lost, they hated it. It will kill them all the way back to the facility. They'll probably get a burger back at the training table and be alright, but they don't want to lose and they love to win. You need that in guys. You want them to be competitive."

"It's great. I think that's one thing this team has learned. Coach Doeren is so big into developing leaders and developing character. Just helping kids make good decisions and learning how to make right choices, and also be encouragers of each other."

"If you don't have leadership from within it's hard to win football games. If you have kids on the field that demand you're accountable to what they need to do every single play then you have a chance. Those same guys are going to walk out of this place and demand accountability in public and in the classroom, things like that."

"Guys from within like Purvis and Jomantas, high-character individuals who will spread that to other people."

"I think it's outstanding. Two kids, that got his rolling, it doesn't surprise me. Dana Bible is great... I had a chance to be around him when I first got here."

"Great guy and loves ball. The players realize that and it meant a lot to them to do something like this for him. I love it. That's great."

"When we started going through our profile books yesterday, we take before and after [pictures] throughout a kid's career. We started pulling up pictures and putting them side-by-side yesterday, and I started text messaging kids and sending them pictures. There are guys that have completely overhauled their bodies... went from a kid's body to really a great looking Division I football player.

"That's fun to see. When you text that to them and they see it, those kids are so fired up and they can see the changes in their body. From a conditioning perspective these kids went so hard all summer long. They just did a great job and bought in to the things we're trying to get across to them about posturing. You never show you're tired even if you are tired. You have to posture like you're not tired because either you're going to energize yourself or energize somebody else. You don't want to show that. You don't want to show weakness."

"The kids just did an outstanding job buying in. Every kid.. it was a fun summer because of that."

"I know I sent M.J. [Salahuddin] a text and congratulated him. T.Y. McGill is ripped right now. Also Thomas Teal has lost so much weight and converted his body. He looks like a different person. Rodman Noel, outstanding change, big-body weight gains... you sit there and look a the pictures of those four guys."

"Forest West was maybe one of the most ridiculous changes, dropping body fat and gaining weight... just a great looking conversion for him. I'd highly expect him to show more speed off the edge this year because of the big changes he's made to his body. Those are some that jump out to me. Tyson Chandler has done a nice job."

"There are so many strength gains in kids, even seniors. Sometimes you see it taper off with seniors, it's a little hard to keep gaining, but we had some seniors with some outstanding testing periods. We're really encouraged by that. It's awesome."

"There have been so many it's really hard for me to narrow it down. Pete [Thomas] has done an outstanding job this summer at quarterback. Tony Creecy is always great. Dontae Johnson has been awesome."

"[Jarvis] Byrd has been one of our best... vocal and encouraging. He'll straighten guys out too. Byrd, he wants to be great this year."

"Sometimes if you take something away from a kid, you lose playing time because of an injury, two injuries, however many injuries he's had... you look at the game a different way. It has a terminal side to it, rather than open-ended like the rest of these guys. He reminds them of that. Having it taken away from you, and when you have a guy with that experience who is willing to share it with guys that need to hear that, it's awesome. Byrd has been great for us this summer."

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