Creecy Ready For The Season

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pack Pride checks in with redshirt junior tailback Tony Creecy about the start of camp and expectations for the 2013 season.

Pack Pride talked recently with junior tailback Tony Creecy about NC State's progression over the last several months and expectations for a more up-tempo offensive attack in 2013.

Back in the spring you talked about the team needing to get in shape in order to run this offense effectively. How has the team progressed in that regard over the last three months?
The progression was great. When we first started off in the spring, you can tell there's a big difference between now and then. So I think we're making major strides but we're not where we need to be for August 31st.

What was the dedication level of the team as far as trying to get better through off season workouts?
The dedication level was good. A lot of players gained weight that needed to gain weight. A lot of players lost weight that needed to lose weight. A lot of guys just did the things they needed to do to get their bodies ready for the season.

How does it feel to finally be back out on the field running around after a long layoff?
It feels great. We've been training since the end of May, early June so to actually get back out here with your teammates all at once instead of in your individual groups feels great.

You're now one of the more experienced players on the team. Do you feel like it's time to step up and take that leadership role on the team?
Yes I do feel like that. I was put on the leadership council, me and Milton Hall for the running backs and it's a great transition knowing they want me to be a leader on the team so that was actually a great thing.

What kind of potential do you see for this offense in 2013?
I see great potential. If you look back at the past teams that coach Doeren coached and coach Canada had, the offense has had big yards from receivers, quarterbacks, running backs. So I see big things happening.

Coach Doeren said you had a slower practice (tempo) than you will usually have. What are your thoughts on that?
Not much to say. It's a big change but I think we've made major strides. Starting from the first day of spring practice we were out of shape but I think we've made big strides but we're definitely not where we need to be.

What's the difference in systems?
It's a huge difference. It's more up tempo. As soon as you run one play you have to get back for the next play. You have to see the person on the sidelines signaling that play so it's a very big difference but I think it's going to help us overall as an offense.

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