MEDIA DAY: Dave Doeren

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren discussed his offense, his defense, and several players at Media Day.

Dave Doeren

"We're two days in, and we've had two days of practice in helmets. Practice has been really fun... just to be back on the field with the guys."

"We had a great day today."

"Our guys have finals tomorrow so there will be quite a bit of academic stuff they will go through tonight to prepare with that."

"I had a really good morning speaking with some guys on just some team building things."

"Monday and Tuesday night we'll practice and Tuesday will conclude summer school. Then we'll be in a true fall camp mode."

"It was great to spend a day working on the mental aspect of the game with the guys."

"I feel like there's a lot of bright eyes. There's good energy and haven't had a lot of negatives other than how tired we got them in practice. That's pretty universal."

"The uptempo offense requires a certain mindset, and the guys are working through that really well."

"We're getting through it and they are learning more and more about how they have to be ready from a hydration standpoint to play in our offense."

"I think every place you work there are going to be certain fans who make the rivalry game pretty well-known. The way I've always handled those games, they are really important games the week you play them, and I try not to make the whole season based on that game. I think you lose sight on what's important... we won't beat anybody if we don't get better today. That's just how I approach things."

"I know across town they count it down, and it's important to us, don't get me wrong, but the way that I approach the season is day-by-day, try to win that day and look back at the 365 days with a bunch of wins. That's the mindset we have over here."

"We're way ahead of where we were. Yesterday's practice, even compared to our first practice, there was improvement. Guys know what to do, the quarterbacks, the progression... it has all improved quiet a bit."

"It's better. I think we've added some good skill."

"The receiving corp and the defensive backs we brought in, there are ten of those guys that are new... that's increased our team speed immensely."

"You can always get faster. That's one thing we'll try to do through recruiting."

"I like you man, let's talk about defense. Our defense, without pads on, it's hard to say because defense is about leverage and tackling and we haven't done any of that yet. But they are coached with a lot of detail. I love watching coach Huxtable and his staff."

"There's some nice length on that side of the football and there's some really good depth in the defensive front and that's really important. So, I feel good about what we have. Now we've got to go do it."

"Tyson Chandler has lost 40 pounds. Ali Kassem was 380 on his official visit in January and now he's 341."

"Scott Thompson our snapper is outstanding. Nik and Will, our punter and kicker, in the spring were impressive."

"The success of your return games is related to the ability of your returner. I think Rashard is a good punt returner. The kickoff return job, we'll see. Rashard is going to try and do both."

"We try to find the positives in everything we can.... I think [D.J. Green] really wants to have a great senior year. He's hard on himself, and I know he worked really hard this summer. We're all excited to have him back on the field and see what he can do."

"It's fun seeing [Green] run around. He does a really good job on our punt team too."

"There is a lot of us that don't have the depth that Alabama and LSU have to where you can afford to lose a player for a game."

"Those are huge rules. You're talking about great players being taken out on a questionable call."

"We have to get through a bunch of camp before we know. We don't even have our offense installed yet."

"That's the one thing I do feel good about. In the spring we didn't have any depth. Now there is competition."

"There are five guys competing as opposed to two."

"There are some things Pete is going to do different than what Brandon can do."

"Both of the freshmen run well and Manny has some athleticism, so it's really probably more of a Wisconsin format if Pete's in there and more of the NIU stuff if the other guys are."

"That's what I like about coach Canada's system. It's very flexible."

"[Bryant] Shirreffs is built more like Jordan [Lynch]. He's a really strong kid. He's 230 pounds and he's benching over 350. He's put together."

"Pharoah [McKever] as really good height... he doesn't have the same explosion speed wise that some of the other kids do, but he's a really tall kid at 225 pounds. We have to see where it goes, whether he stays at receiver or moves to tight end or a defensive position."

"For me, it's my favorite time of the year. I actually get all their attention with no distractions for however many days that is."

"We put in more on defense probably than we did on offense [in the spring]."

"Offensively we had a lot of new starters with a new system."

"How fun it is to be in this town with all the different things going on. It's a unique place. I can't remember a time other when you're out recruiting and you have to."

"I knew they had good fans, I'd heard about it. I called the other coaches and asked what's it like to play there... that's refreshing."

"Looking at Jarvis Byrd, Cato-Bishop, Dontae Johnson... Rob Crisp. There are just certain guys that have a look to them."

"We got a really good look at life without [Watson] in the spring. Benson Browne and David Grinnage got a lot of reps. Grinnage is going to be a really good catching tight end for us."

"Logan is a physical guy who really loves football."

"[Maurice Morgan will] be doing a lot of things in and out from the slot and the wing... he's a 240-pound receiver who I think is a matchup problem for some guys if we can get him locked in. I know coach [Faulkner] is excited about what he can do for us as well."

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