Thornton: "Competition Breeds Success"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore tailback Shadrach Thornton talks about the competition at practice and if he is a philosophy major.

NC State sophomore tailback Shadrach Thornton, talks about the competition at practice.

"It's a competition... you just have to compete and really be bought in."

"It's going to be times they don't understand some plays and you have to help them. That's something you have to want to do to be a part of a team."

"If they beat me out for the position then I commend them because they deserve it, they worked for it because I'm not a slacker. If I don't have the spot then they earned it."

"Hard work and dedication is the key to success. Competition breeds success. Therefore without competition success is impossible to obtain. That's a quote that I made up... that's patented."

"The competition, it makes you better. I love to have great players come in, like the ones the coaches recruited because they are going to push you to get better and I'm going to push them to get better. It just cycles until you hit the peak."

"We're going to be doing extraordinary things on the field against our opponent."

"He's the same person that we met, he's not changing. He's uptempo, very humble, he's about the community."

"The first thing he says is you represent NC State. Anytime you make a decision, everybody is weighing on that decision that you make so please, please, act and think like you are a part of the Pack."

"He's a great man all the way around."

"We want to be the best we can be. We just want to grind, we just want to work... remain humble, remains selfless."

"We want to take it as far as we can."

"Irregardless of the expectations... at the end of the day it's about who is in that team meeting room."

"There shouldn't be any limitations to where you can go."

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