Who Is Standing Out?

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State upperclassmen share their thoughts on who has impressed them early on in fall camp.

Several NC State upperclassmen share their thoughts on who has impressed them early on in fall camp...


"The freshmen that have caught my eye are JuMichael Ramos and Marques Valdez. Two tall, big receivers. They came in with a chip on their shoulder. They want to play this year, and they will have an opportunity to play. Coach gives everybody an opportunity to get on the field. It's up to them.

"As far as drills, they catch the football with their hands and they run good routes. Those two have stood out to me." -- Senior Wide Receiver Rashard Smith

"There's been a few guy that have caught my attention. Tyson Chandler and Rob Crisp... also Thomas Teal, he's dropped some weight and he's so much quicker.

"Some of the new guys as well, Monty Nelson and Kenton Gibbs on the defensive line, they've caught my eye too." -- Junior Defensive End Art Norman

"When you ask that, I feel like there are two guys at my position. One guy has stepped up and another has come in as a freshman, and I believe both of those guys will be great players.

"K'Hadree [Hooker] and Monty [Nelson]... I feel like they are going to contribute and help us out a lot. I love their physical toughness, they are ready to play, and they both love ball." -- Junior Defensive Tackle T.Y. McGill

"Two of the freshmen wideouts, [JuMichael] Ramos and Marquez [Valdes]... they've come in and really surprised me. They are ready to play.

"They are big-bodied, strong receivers who just make plays. When the ball is in the air they go and get it." -- Senior Wide Receiver Quintin Payton

"The new quarterback from Arkansas, [Brandon] Mitchell, I like how he's been playing. He has the pop on the ball, and he's been making some great throws. Russell Wilson and Mike G., they spoiled us, but I like how he's come in and taken care of business." -- Senior Linebacker D.J. Green

"Matt Dayes, the freshman running back, is another one. I like how he carries himself and the way he can make plays on the field also." -- Senior Linebacker D.J. Green

"One guy I've liked is big Mo, Maurice [Morgan]. I love his work ethic and the way he's been playing. He's put in a lot of extra work and that's been rubbing off.

"Also [Brandon] Mitchell... he's an athlete. He's just a great player, and I like his attitude towards the game. He's trying to learn and has that role-model mentality." -- Senior Defensive End Darryl Cato-Bishop

"Mike Rose is another guy who has really stepped up. He's learned the system, and he's working hard. I'm happy for him and appreciate his work ethic in the weight room.

"He's been doing a great job.. . busting his butt doing everything. He's taking notes and becoming a better student of the game. He's made a lot of strides." -- Senior Defensive End Darryl Cato-Bishop

"I would have to say after the first few practices I like what I've seen from two of the freshmen, Marques Valdez and JuMichael Ramos. They are pretty much... you would think that they are veterans. They are always out there with energy, playing hard... they are learning. They are in their playbooks, taking notes. I feel like they have a bright future and are doing the best that they can." -- Junior Wide Receiver Bryan Underwood

"Kenton Gibbs has definitely caught my eye. He consistently works hard, and he's a tough kid. I like him a lot. Also Monty Nelson, he's been working real hard. They are both very explosive players and really strong, something I didn't expect for incoming freshmen. If they keep working hard, hopefully they can play this fall." -- Senior Defensive End Forrest West

"Artemis Robinson, Terrell's brother, his football IQ is up there from being around his brother. He's athletic too." -- Senior Linebacker D.J. Green

"Drew [Davis]... I like him a lot. Once he gets to just playing instead of thinking, he's going to be very good. It's his athleticism. He's very fast, explosive... all of that." -- Senior Linebacker D.J. Green

"I think [Bryan] Underwood has stepped out and done a lot of great things." -- Senior Quarterback Brandon Mitchell

"I think Maurice [Morgan], I like his attitude and approach to moving to tight end. He's trying to make the best of that situation and put himself in better position to get more catches. He doesn't have to compete with the receiving group that we have where there are like eight or nine guys in the rotation. He'll get more balls at tight end, with him, Asa, and Benson... just trying to make plays.

"I think he's going to add a lot. We put in two new packages since he moved there. He's a freak of nature. He's like 235 and runs a 4.4... he's super strong, he squats like 550 pounds or something like that. It's crazy.

"He's not afraid to go across the middle and make the tough catches. He's going to help us a lot by making big plays and [moving] the chains." -- Senior Quarterback Brandon Mitchell

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