Pack Pride Q&A: D.J. Green

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pack Pride talks with NC State senior linebacker D.J. Green about fall practice.

Pack Pride talks with NC State senior linebacker D.J. Green about fall practice.


You have a few practices in the books... how is it going?
The first few practices, in the beginning everybody is excited to be back out there.

Everybody is flying around pretty good. I think with our defense, we've already made big improvements from the spring. That's from working hard this summer and looking at film.

You, M.J. Salahuddin, and Brandon Pittman are listed as the starters at linebacker. What are your thoughts on some of the other linebackers?
Rodman is still right there for us and he's playing hard. I also like the group of freshmen that came in.

Artemis Robinson, Terrell's brother, his football IQ is up there from being around his brother. He's athletic too. Jerod Fernandez is good too, he's pretty physical.

Even Quinton Patterson. All those boys want to get in that lineup. me and Qinton were in there byourselves this moring watching film. I'm in there teaching him, helping him out. He's ready.

Drew [Davis]... I like him a lot. Once he gets to just playing instead of thinking, he's going to be very good. It's his athleticism. He's very fast, explosive... all of that.

You return a lot of experience on the defensive line... guys who have made plays. What have you seen from them?
Everyone of them wants to start so they are competing. They know how to use their hands, and coach Nielsen has brought a new element to them. They like that a lot... they love him.

You missed a big part of your sophomore season and then you had to sit out last year. How ready are you for the first game?
I missed my last six games. I've been playing football since I was eight years old, and I've never mised a year. Last year was a little tough so I couldn't wait for this year to come around, and it's finally here. Time flew by, I had people helping me out and that made it a little easier.

I'm very excited to come back... all the fans. Thate feeling of waking out there on that field.

I'm ready.

You worked some at middle linebacker in the spring and now you are back at outside linebacker. How do you feel there?
I'm very comforable. I feel really good at outside linebacker.

You've talked about some of the linebackers, but who are a few other players that maybe have caught your eye so far during fall camp?
The new quarterback from Arkansas, [Brandon] Mitchell, I like how he's been playing. He has the pop on the ball, and he's been making some great throws. Russell Wilson and Mike G., they spoiled us, but I like how he's come in and taken care of business.

Matt Dayes, the freshman running back, is another one. I like how he carries himself and the way he can make plays on the field also.

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