Pack Pride Q&A: Quintin Payton

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pack Pride checks in with senior wide receiver Quintin Payton on fall practice and the upcoming season.

Pack Pride checks in with senior wide receiver Quintin Payton on fall practice and the upcoming season.


I've already spoken with Bryan and Rashard and they talked about how impressed they've been with the newcomers. What have you seen from those guys?
They are ready to work. They came in ready to play. They are working hard, running fast, and catching balls... making plays.

Numbers-wise, coach Doeren mentioned it was tough running this offense in the spring. How much do you believe this new depth will help?
I think it's going to be big.

Knowing that you have a guy just as capable of making plays as you to come in and replace you, everyone is going to be accountable. It's going to make us all better.

You had a productive year last year, but this is a new offense. What do you think this offense can highlight in your game that you maybe haven't been able to show?
Just getting the ball out quick. We're running at a fast pace so defenses will probably play off on us. I just want to get the ball in my hands quick, make people miss, break tackles... get yards after the catch.

It seems like you take pride in blocking. It seems like you're going to be more of a screen team than you have been. How important is blocking going to be at your position?
It's a big part of our game. Coach has already told us that if you can't block then you can't play.

We're going in with a mindset of being willing to block for a teammate so he can get positive yards. That's how I'm looking at it.

What do you like about Brandon Mitchell and Pete Thomas?
Both of them are leaders. They both possess that characteristic. Also, both are making plays right now and looking good. As long as they stay healthy, it should be a strong battle through camp.

Who has caught your eye so far?
Two of the freshmen wideouts, [JuMichael] Ramos and Marquez [Valdes]... they've come in and really surprised me. They are ready to play.

They are big-bodied, strong receivers who just make plays. When the ball is in the air they go and get it.

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