RAPID FIRE: Richard McNutt

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State cornerbacks coach Richard McNutt answers six rapid-fire questions from Pack Pride.

Pack Pride caught up with cornerbacks coach Richard McNutt following a recent N.C. State fall practice.

McNutt, who coached the last two seasons under Dave Doeren at Northern Illinois, said he's excited about the mix of experience and youth at the corner position.

What have you seen from the new bodies so far during fall camp?
We have some good athletes to work with in the secondary. We have a lot of smart kids, which makes it easy to coach them. They catch on fast.

They are good athletes and good football players all around, which lets them go out and play the game. Then we get to coach them off the film.

Have Dontae Johnson and Juston Burris taken leadership roles?
In the spring, they were leaders. They really developed it this summer during their offseason training with the strength coaches. It's starting to show up on the field with the younger guys and the team, so that's a good thing.

What have you seen from Burris that impresses you?
He's very conscious of his techniques and he wants to be great. He studies himself on film, he's very coachable and he's gotten better every time he steps on the field.

When he does make mistakes he figures it out and fixes them, which is a great thing.

Have you seen marked improvement from any of the younger guys? The guys behind Dontae Johnson and Juston Burris?
You get a chance to watch all of the guys, and they are all getting better. Niles Clark, he does a tremendous job. He's always finding ways to get his hands on the football and makes plays. I'm excited to watch him develop.

Do you have a brief scouting report on the freshmen? What did you see when you signed those guys?
At the corner position, Jack Tocho and Sean Paul were both great athletes that showed the ability to play man or zone coverage. They were both great tacklers, which is important if you are going to play in the secondary.

The combination of those things allows them to fit into our defense.

They look like they are physically ready to play.
They trained a lot this summer. Tocho and Paul were on great teams in high school that took football serious. And you can tell they really worked hard to prepare for college.

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