Doeren: "We're Down To Two"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Friday's practice, announcing Logan Winkles will miss the 2013 season and narrowing the competition at quarterback.

Dave Doeren

"During the summer coach [Jason] Veltkamp would pick out guys he thought deserved to hit [the rock]. It's a symbolic deal – when we finally break it all the way through and get where we want to be as a team it won't be the final blow that did it, it will be all the blows before that got us there."

"This is what I've been waiting for me – everyone's been telling me it gets hot down here."

"Logan unfortunately hurt his knee yesterday – I know that news is out there. We won't have him for the season – Ryan Cheek one of his kind of brother in arms came over right after the injury and pretty neat deal – asked if he could move from linebacker to fullback and take his spot. That said a lot about a senior on our football team wanting to do something for the rest of the guys."

"It's the other [knee]. He had a right knee ACL in high school and hurt it again here. It was clean; the docs feel real good about the recovery, just have to go through the normal procedure now."

"He was in a drill and he got leg-whipped. It wasn't a planting thing, he was just at the end of a drill and another guy got thrown from the back-side and he just didn't see it coming."

"We're down to two guys – Pete and Brandon are battling and tomorrow is going to be a big day for those two guys with our first scrimmage."

"Their experience, the way they kind of have a presence on the field with our offense. Both of them just understand the game better."

"[Tyler Purvis] is just a football player. He catches the ball well, he's versatile. We can get him in space and do some things – he's a good guy on the move as far as our H-back system."

"Maurice [Morgan] has the ability to be a good player – but he's not a good player right now. He's got a long way to go. He can be – he's a big athletic guy who works hard and does what you say. He just has a lot of learning to do."

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