RAPID FIRE: Mike Uremovich

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State offensive line coach Mike Uremovich answers six rapid-fire questions from Pack Pride.

NC State offensive line coach Mike Uremovich answers six rapid-fire questions from Pack Pride.


It seems like the linemen have returned to fall camp in very good shape. How do you think they've progressed in that area since the spring?
I think our strength and conditioning staff did a great job with them in the offseason. They worked their butts off and our guys got leaner, stronger, and better.

Jason [Veltkamp] does a great job with those guys. He really likes coaching the linemen because he was a lineman, so he takes a lot of pride with those guys.

Over the summer you signed Quinton Schooley, an offensive lineman out of Butler (KS), who was there for just one season. Can you provide some background on that situation?
He was a qualifier out of high school. I recruit the JCs in Kansas so when I was out there I was able to see him practice, and he was a qualifier so he could leave when he wanted. I talked to him, he visited, and he took the opportunity to come now.

It's not uncommon for qualifiers to go to junior college and then get a chance to go somewhere... he had the grades. The reason he went there was because he didn't get the Division I offers he wanted [out of high school]. He's from a really small town.

Would he have been a heavily-recruited kid if he had returned to Butler for one more year?
No doubt.

You also brought in another junior college offensive lineman, Ali Kassem. Where are they at right now in camp?
They are like freshmen. You never lower your expectations for guys, but they are like our guys when we got here in the spring. With that being said, they are picking it up pretty well and are both going to be solid contributors and good players for us.

We have to get to practice 10 or 11 before we can really evaluate them because they are just trying to learn the offense right now.

Who is going to lead the offensive linemen this year?
Rob Crisp is our leader. He's a senior, and he's done a great job this camp so far. Also our center, Joe Thuney, he makes all of our calls and he's a leader for us as well.

Where do you think your group stands right now?
We have a long way to go. I always say we're not where we want to be but thank God we're not where we were. We're improving, and we're learning the offense. We're light years ahead of where we were in the spring, but we're not close to where we want to be.

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