VIDEO: Mitchell Talks Scrimmage

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State quarterback Brandon Mitchell discusses the Wolfpack's second scrimmage of fall camp.

"I think we did a good job of moving the ball, but I don't think we executed at a high level like we wanted to."

"He's learning from Shad, Tony Crecy and those guys."

"I think our running backs as a unit has been doing a really good job."

"I'd probably say we're about at a C right now. We are kind of behind on install because we're moving slow as an offense, but we're trying to catch up. We want to execute as a high level, and we're trying to go fast but also not make a lot of mistakes."

"We're like a rollercoaster right now. We just have to keep executing and keep the throttle down on the defense."

"It's been a long time since I've been able to get hit... I tried to run over them a couple of times."

"Me and D.J. [Green] met up on the goalline, and he knocked my helmet off so I think he won that battle. It was just a great hit. He's just a big, strong, powerful guy."

"I think that's a good thing for those guys. They get to go up against two of the best cornerbacks in the ACC."

"All it's going to do is make our young guys better."

"They've come along a lot... Grinnage made a couple of plays... he's one of those guys that's got a NFL body. Asa is one of those freaks. He looks like somebody just sculpted him out of stone. He's a big leader on our team... a great man, a great guy."

"We're doing a lot as a family off the field and it's showing on the field."

"You can tell he was brought up the right way."

"It helps us out. If one of those guys goes down the other has already played a lot."

"They are coming together as a family and just getting better."

"It makes my job easier. My job is just to get zero or more yards every single play and make sure we have the ball when the play is over."

"The more we can do that and break tackles is just going to make my job a lot easier."

"That's something coach D. brought here with him... there is a sense of urgency everyday."

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