Pack Pride Q&A: Bryan Underwood

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Junior wide receiver Bryan Underwood talks with Pack Pride about the recent scrimmage.

Junior wide receiver Bryan Underwood talks with Pack Pride about the recent scrimmage.


How did the scrimmage go for you?
It went good for me. I came out to do the things I had to work on, which was blocking and finishing my blocks on big runs.

What else did you want to work on?
I was also working on my footwork in my routes.

How vital is blocking to this offense?
It's extremely vital. Blocking on the perimeter is one of the biggest things to any offense. The offensive line can do their job, but once the back gets past the first level he has the second and third level to worry about.

That's where we come in. If the receivers do their job we can break a lot of big runs if everyone does their job.

Was it weird seeing your quarterbacks get hit during a scrimmage?
[Laughing] It was different, but both are pretty big. They are not the average quarterback. They handled it well. They are both athletic and can take hits. They probably got hit more than they thought they would, but they took it well.

You're almost finished with fall camp. Who are a couple of wide receivers that have stepped up?
It's hard to name just two, but I would say Bra'Lon Cherry has been stepping up a lot lately. JuMichael Ramos, he did a really good job in the scrimmage. Both of those guys had good days and are doing a good job.

Do you think you have a good mix at wide receiver?
I think we have a solid core. Some of us are big, some small, some who are fast and big, some who are big and powerful with decent speed.

It sounds like a diverse group.
We have our own attributes that we bring to the offense so it's hard to just pinpoint on one because we have different attributes.

If we do what we do best it will be hard to stop.

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