Pack Pride Q&A: Frisman Jackson

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State wide receivers coach Frisman Jackson answers several questions from Pack Pride with the season opener just days away.

NC State wide receivers coach Frisman Jackson answers several questions from Pack Pride with the season opener just days away.


Where is your group at right now?
I think we've improved as a group since the spring. We have some new additions. The younger guys are making plays and working hard... showing they can go out there and produce for us.

We are competing, we're getting better. We just have to be ready to go on August 31st.

Has your new additions added competition at the position?
Oh yes. Not only competition, but it's created the depth that we need to run our offense. Those young guys have competed their butts off this training camp, and they've put a lot of pressure on the older guys.

The older guys can see these guys out here making plays and they understand that every time they are out there they have to make a play.

Drops were an issue last year. How have your guys caught the ball in fall camp?
We've improved. It's still not where I want it to be, but it's never going to be where I want it to be. If we drop one an entire day I'm still ticked off. We've improved in practice and now we have to do it in the games.

Practice makes perfect, as coach Doeren says, and we have to make the catches when the quarterback puts the ball on us. We have to keep working.

You made it a point to target big receivers in the 2013 recruiting class. Talk about that.
I was a big receiver so I kind of lean towards big receivers. [Marquez] Valdes is a big guy making plays... [JuMichael] Ramos, [Johnathan] Alston, and Pharoah [McKever] has caught a couple of balls.

They are some big guys that can go up and play basketball with the football. They can go up and make plays in the air.

Do you have a leader at your position?
Rashard [Smith] has done a great job. He gets the guys going when he feels like there isn't enough juice. He does a great job in the meeting room, getting guys to take notes, things like that.

He's been banged up a little bit during camp, but Quintin Payton has a done a good job being a leader for the younger guys. He's showing them what they can do with their routes, things like that.

Bryan Underwood has also done a great job since the spring. He's being more vocal and has done a great job as well.

How important is blocking?
I'm big into blocking. You have to block your butt off, especially in our offense.

For me, blocking is very important. We have to get better at it, and we're not where we want to be. They are trying and competing, but we just have to keep working and getting better.

It's all about desire in blocking... after the fundamentals, it's about I want to block that guy. I'm going to keep harping on it, keep stressing it until they realize I'm serious about it. I'm not going to let off one minute.

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