RAPID FIRE: Desmond Kitchings

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State running backs coach Des Kitchings answers six rapid-fire questions from Pack Pride.

NC State running backs coach Des Kitchings answers six rapid-fire questions from Pack Pride.


Evaluate your group heading into the first game.
We're on pace. Obviously we have Creecy, a veteran guy who has played a lot of snaps coming in.

Matt Dayes is a freshman who has shown great progress throughout camp. He'll get some time in there, and then there is Milton Hall in that reserve role with Shad being out for the first game.

Coach Doeren mentioned that you haven't had a chance to really evaluate Dakwa Nichols due to injury. Is he still sidelined?
His first day out was [last Thursday] and the defensive staff was raving about his ability on the scout team. We know he can run and unfortunately we didn't have him at all during preseason camp.

You never know how this thing shakes out. Guys can get banged up, and certainly if his number is called he'll be ready to go.

Injuries can happen, but is the plan right now to redshirt Dakwa and Josh Mercer?
It's still up in the air, especially with these first couple of games to see how everything settles.

Fortunately we have two games and then a bye week so we'll see how things go.

How has Shadrach Thornton handled his situation and has it helped knowing all camp he would be out... you've probably been able to prepare for it.
Yes and that's the plan we've taken... preparing those other guys by giving them as many reps as they could. We feel like we're in a good position.

He's been great, he's been solid. He's had a great camp, and he's working hard everyday with a positive attitude.

He's done everything we've asked him to do.

You recruited Matthew Dayes out of high school so obviously you are familiar with him, but what has he shown in camp that has stood out?
You see a lot of things on tape and I saw him last fall in a live evaluation, but he has great feet.

He has great feet, he's low to the ground, and he can really change directions. That's stood out this camp.

Tony Creecy looks like a different guy physically... he's in great shape. Has that translated?
It has. He's really had a great camp, particularly in the last couple of days leading up to the first game.

I'm excited to see how he performs this Saturday.

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