RAPID FIRE: Eddie Faulkner

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State tight ends coach Eddie Faulkner answers six rapid-fire questions from Pack Pride.

NC State tight ends coach Eddie Faulkner answers six rapid-fire questions from Pack Pride.


How has Asa Watson been progressing?
Asa has been great. He's picked up the offense and playing hard for us. I'm excited about him.

Where is Maurice Morgan right now?
Right now he's playing receiver. He's over there competing with a good group of guys to play.

That's where it's at as we move forward.

Ryan Cheek has moved over to fullback where he looks to be competing for the starting job. What have you seen from him?
He's physical. He brings that to the table. He cares, he brings leadership.

Obviously his unselfishness, what he did when [Logan] Winkles got hurt. Right there in the practice, he came over and said he would go there and play. That's the kind of guy you want to coach.

You have two young tight ends in David Grinnage and Benson Browne. Grinnage is often praised for his catching ability. Is that surprising given he's listed at 6-foot-5 and nearly 270 pounds? Also, what have you seen from Browne?
He was a receiver in high school, playing in the slot, and now he's 270 pounds playing tight end. Making that adjustment to putting your hand on the ground, there is some development there to becoming a blocker. The receiving part of it was more polished.

Because of his size it will be an easier transition for him to come on as a blocker. We're going to keep rolling with it and see what happens. He's going to be a really good player.

Benson is getting better everyday. The good thing is there's competition in my room and you can never get comfortable. Guys are pushing each other and that's how you improve.

It seems like you're really targeting tailbacks and fullbacks in the 2014 recruiting class. Talk about the emphasis placed on those positions.
Those positions, defensive ends, fullbacks, and tight ends, those are big athletes that you can't ever have enough of.

For us, the tight end is an important part of the offense because they create matchup problems, and we had a need there as well. With the 2014 class I think we have a good group, and David Grinnage is a freshman playing his first game. He has a chance to be something special.

The other thing is, sometimes they will grow into another position. It doesn't mean they will end up [at fullback or tight end]. Those guys help you a lot on special teams too, which is a third of the game. As we look at our roster, that also factors into it.

But yes, those positions will be an important part of what we do for sure.

What vibe do you get from your group right now with the game just a few days away?
They are extremely excited to start playing against a different color uniform. It's not going to be hard to motivate them for that game.

We're just trying to make sure they are ready for Louisiana Tech.

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