Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the 40-14 win over Louisiana Tech.

Dontae Johnson

"Just playing another opponent is definitely bit for a lot of the players. We got sick of beating up on our teammates."

"It's a good opening test for us to prepare us for the rest of the season."

"It's going to help us tremendously."

"That's huge. We can go back to the film, see it, and work on it in practice."

Joe Thuney

"I kind of enjoy it. Each position is unique and different."

"The adjustments are critical and my teammates helped me a lot."

"Tyson has been giving me positive criticism."

"He's showed it right from the first day and we knew he was going to be a player. He always finishes every drill. He's a hard worker. He doesn't talk a lot but he gets down and works every day. It showed today with those touchdowns. I'm really happy for him."

Marquez Valdes

"It was really exciting... there was 60,000 people there."

"I was able to come out here and just make a play."

"This offense fits me well... they recruited me to be the backside receiver who gets one-on-one's a lot."

Pete Thomas

"Brandon went down... I was feeling well-prepared to play. I just did my job, didn't try to do too much."

"Those three hundred yards passing, it didn't feel like that, but it comes from being able to run the ball."

"I'd say Matt Dayes did alright..."

"They played real good... they were playing like they were fifth-year seniors."

"We saw it from the first time went went out there."

Robert Caldwell

"It was real exciting... the first game of the year. We were just trying to make sure we did everything we prepared for."

"He's a great player... he runs hard."

"We talk about it everyday... take-over margin. If we want to get to the ACC championship we have to have the most takeaways."

Rashard Smith

"It was great to be back playing in front of my home crowd again."

"I love Wolfpack Nation and all the fans."

"We were playing like a team."

"Our goal is to score on every drive, but sometimes the defense plays good."

Matt Dayes

"I felt I was going to play because of how hard I practice everyday and what I've been doing on the practice field."

"That's something I pretty much have always been able to do."

"My coach always made us block, we had blocking drills everyday."

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