VIDEO: Postgame Interviews

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Dave Doeren, Pete Thomas, and Rashard Smith met with the media following the 40-14 win over Louisiana Tech.

"I'm very happy with the result today. A lot of guys got to be a part of it – we played a lot of players. We played four quarterbacks – that was something I did plan on."

"Defensively we talked a lot about getting the ball back for our offense and we did that today. We had three takeaways and two of them were in the red zone."

"Unfortunately we had some guys injured. I guess I don't get to try to hide the injury – I heard it was tweeted and put out there in the world already. Brandon had an injury to his foot and I know they'll go in tomorrow and fix it and hopefully we'll have him back sooner than later."

"Typically it was a four to six week deal and once they go in there kinda depends on the damage I guess. But he was walking pretty easy there after the injury so I don't know how severe it is."

"We'll be good with Pete in there too. We're excited about the different things we can do."

"We'll continue to evolve now that we got some guys out there and seen what they do under the lights and on the stage."

"It got Sherriffs in the game some – we weren't sure we were going to do that. We were ready, Bryant probably played there four or five practices coming into the game. We knew we had to take some hits off Pete or Brandon whoever was in there with Bryant."

"We weren't planning on Josh Taylor playing but with Brandon being out for an extended period of time, Josh is a guy that could be in there in a heartbeat. So I thought it was great that we got some minutes for him."

"Most of the stuff that changed was just the designed QB run game shifted more to wildcat stuff."

"Pete can run it as well but when you're down to two guys you gotta take care of them a little bit different."

"I need to convert those third downs. I need to make better passes."

"I'm excited... it's too bad Brandon went down, he's a great friend, a great teammate. But now, I guess I'm the guy."

"Me and Brandon were getting a lot o the reps."

"I think some of the play-calling might have changed."

"Coach told us on Wednesday."

"The emotions stayed high through the whole game."

"Pete was ready to go... we knew Pete could come in and make a play for us."

"I'm glad Josh came in and get that game experience as a true freshman."

"40 points? We want to score more."

"We've just got to keep improving as an offense."

"I'm glad we came out here and played as a team today."

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