Pack Pride Evaluation: Street and Culler

Pack Pride breaks down NC State commitment Coult Culler and top prospect Kentavius Street after their teams waged a defensive battle last Friday night.

Pack Pride was on hand last Friday night at Laney High School as Laney faced off against Rose High School.

NC State linebacker commitment Coult Culler and Wolfpack defensive end prospect Kentavius Street squared off for their respective squads in a game that saw Rose hold on for a hard-fought 6-3 victory.

Scouting Kentavius Street
The word we heard from the Rose coaching staff was Street is a great player on the football field and an even better person off of it. Around the Rampant program Street is known as an affable student who takes his school work seriously and is the type of person you want on your football team- talent aside.

Physically, Street looks college ready as a high school senior. Some guys have that ‘it' factor and Street is certainly one of those players. He is aggressive, explosive and possesses tremendous natural strength. Although Laney tried to stay away from him for the most part, Street still managed seven tackles, one sack for a loss of 11 yards and one batted pass that he nearly intercepted.

As good as Street is, there is still plenty of room for improvement. He tends to stand straight up at the snap of the ball instead of exploding into the offensive line. This negates his explosiveness and allows the offensive lineman to engage him with both hands which slows his pursuit. He also tired in the fourth quarter and was largely ineffective late in the game. Street mentioned to us after the game that he knew he needed to improve his conditioning.

In all, Street is a tremendous prospect that possesses a ton of upside. He is just scratching the surface of what he can become and as the fundamental side catches up with his natural ability, the sky is the limit.

Scouting Coult Culler
We weren't sure what to expect out of Culler but it took only a couple of snaps to figure out that he is a one man wrecking crew on defense.

He isn't pretty getting from point A to point B but the thing that surprises you is just how explosive and fast he is. Culler won't win many 40-yard dashes but what he has is football speed. He is the prototypical sideline to sideline guy that you hear about so often and that description fits him perfectly.

The only negative we could find is actually a positive. He hits opposing players with such force and with no regard for his own well being that it makes us worry about potential injury or concussion problems.

There were at least three occasions during this game where a Rose player had to leave the game after being hit by Culler.

We talked with a couple of Rose coaches who scouted Culler beforehand. They said the thing they liked about him on film was that he played fast but under control and rarely ran himself out of a play.

Another thing we liked about Culler was the leadership he showed on the field. He constantly cheered his guys on and was the quarterback of the defense, always making sure players were lined up properly prior to the snap.

If there's a better middle linebacker in the state we would like to see him. After seeing Culler in person there's no doubt he's one of the more underrated players in the state and someone that Wolfpack fans are going to love for years to come.

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