PC: Teal, Purvis Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tyler Purvis and Thomas Teal met with the media to discuss Saturday's game against Richmond.

Thomas Teal

"We played a pretty good game. We gave an all-around good effort. A couple of players missed some assignments, but for the most part we played a pretty good game."

"It felt great. We worked hard all winter during workouts ad the offseason."

"It should be an honor to play for the military."

"It's a whole new level of excitement with the new coaching staff. Everything we do with them is about excitement. It's a mindset... it's great to bring the new level and you can see all the players buying into it."

"Coach doesn't like us getting more than four or five plays and then we rotate. The rotation keeps us fresh."

"We had them under control. We had a few mental breakdowns, people weren't in their gaps, and they gashed us... it felt pretty good knowing we could keep a level-head and go out there and correct our mistakes."

Tyler Purvis

"They definitely have different routines."

"This coaching staff is really big on excitement, getting pumped and having good juice."

"It really feels like more of a family with this staff. Their families are always around and coach Doeren gave the coaching staff the opportunity to stand before us and tel their stories. That made us closer."

"I think the players would all agree that it definitely feels a lot closer this year as a team."

"I'm definitely in motion a lot and this offense is really a lot about misdirection and making guys think out there."

"That definitely opens it ups."

"Yeah, I know. There was a bunch in there."

"The coaches have been saying to just buy in to this offense because it's worked."

"As those drives were going on I felt like guys were thinking this could work."

"He's a great player and he's going to be missed, but he and Pete were splitting reps all throughout summer camp. Pete's a great player and he's more than capable of filling in. He stepped up and did a great job."

"We definitely have some great new freshmen. The freshmen came in, Dayes, Valdes, bunch of others and definitely did a great job."

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