Doeren: "He Looked Really Good"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Thursday's practice.

Dave Doeren

"They are not. Everybody is a little bit similar, you can always find some runs or passes that carry over. But, they huddle and they don't huddle... they are very multiple and La. Tech wasn't. They were only a couple of formations, but they just went really fast."

"These guys do a lot offensively. There is a lot of motion, wildcat packages... they've been there as a staff longer so they've got more implemented from an installation standpoint, and they return a lot of players."

"Last year they were only sacked five times and all there linemen are back. If you don't get a good pass rush it's hard to play good pass defense."

"We'll be challenged that way. They get rid of the ball quick and have a lot of good screens on the perimeter."

"Their quarterback really hasn't been tested yet and that's something hopefully we can do. He's going to have to run their offense in a loud stadium with a lot of people rotating in so hopefully we can do a good job and make it a hard day for him. I do know that he'll be a well-coached guy at that position."

"[Pete] looked good today. I think Tuesday he pressed a little and he relaxed and played better yesterday and today he looked really good. I think coming off the bench is pretty easy because there's not a nervous moment... when you're the starter you have more time to think things through. I'm anxious to see him in that role and I know Bryant and Josh are excited too."

"[Josh Taylor] is a winner. He's just a football player. He doesn't have the greatest arm and he's not very big, but he's fast, tough, and he's a winner. He has the intangibles that excites you in big-play moments. He's one of those guys that just finds a way to get things done."

"[Taylor] is your typical spread quarterback. He can throw it, run it, and get rid of it quick. He's a baseball player so he can catch and throw in a hurry which you need in that position in that offense. We call it turning a double-play where you catch a snap and throw a quick double screen, and Josh understands that. They ran a lot of option at his high school so he's a good runner."

"The kickoff coverage was outstanding I thought. There was one punt we didn't cover well and it was a mishit ball. We tried to pin the ball to a certain part of the field and he kicked it to the opposite side which didn't help our coverage."

"I think Wil pressed a little bit, but he's been punting well this week."

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