Doeren: "We Made It Hard On Ourselves"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the 23-21 win over Richmond.

Dave Doeren
"It says a lot about the character of the guys and the way they were coached at halftime."

"I knew we were going to have a tough day. I played at that level and I coached at that level, and I know what those games are to those kids."

"They played really hard and they were coached really well... I think that's a really good football team that we played today, and I was proud with the way we battled."

"We made it hard on ourselves. If you turn the ball over four times it's hard to win. The first thing I said to the team is you found a way to win."

"We gave our kicker a chance to win it and he did. I'm very proud of Nik for that kick... takes him back to training camp when we did the suicide kick-off. He had probably 105 guys around him yelling at him with every swear word known to man to see if he could kick under pressure and he nailed five in a row there so I knew he had a chance."

"Pete did a good job driving us into position there with no timeouts."

"I'm just really proud with how he fought today, the scrambles for first down on third down."

"To be 2-0, Pete's first start here at NC State, to have a game-winning kick."

"I don't think he's ever lost a game as a head coach with a lead coming out of halftime, and we had to battle to get it."

"We had the look we wanted for the playcall."

"I challenged our defensive linemen and guys in the locker room. I said quit complaining about roughing the quarterback penalties and sack him before he throws it. We were just a step away."

"They did a lot of things we hadn't seen in the first half... all the motions out of the backfield were new plays we had to get ready and adjust to."

"A lot of times when you're down at halftime it's more about being calm."

"They did a nice job of throwing and catching on us in the first half."

"It's a team that doesn't beat themselves. Richmond is a well-coached team that doesn't turn the ball over."

"I knew it was going to be a fight."

"They did a nice job of quieting our crowd and our guys had to fight through it."

"That environment in the second half was tremendous. I definitely appreciate that."

"I wasn't calling anybody out. I was just asking for more [from the fans] and we got it tonight. It was awesome."

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