Johnson: "It's A Huge Opportunity"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Senior cornerback Dontae Johnson talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming game against Clemson.

Senior cornerback Dontae Johnson talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming game against Clemson.


Tell me one thing you have to prevent Clemson from doing on Thursday night.
Explosive plays. We have to limit their explosive plays. They thrive off them. If we can limit those and make them march down the field, it should be a challenging game for them.

You have had a chance to work against an uptempo offense in practice and in games, but is Clemson a different animal?
Our offense is doing uptempo as well and that has helped us prepare. Louisiana Tech and Richmond run great uptempo offenses as well that's helped, but you can't simulate an offense like Clemson.

They are very talented outside and in the backfield, and they have returning starters so they know the offense and run it to perfection.

What makes Sammy Watkins so tough to defend?
The kid can run. He makes catches he's supposed to make, and when he gets the ball you better tackle him. If you miss tackles he can go. He's very explosive and we have to limit his yards and explosive plays.

Same question, but this time about Tajh Boyd.
He knows the offense really well. I think this is his third-year starting, and he is a great athlete that can make every throw on the field.

Plus, he's a smart player and understands the game of football.

How important will the fans be in this game?
Playing here in the Carter with the best fans in the country, it can be tough for the other team. Not to reminisce too much, but last year we were able to take out Florida State, the No. 3 team, and it was because of the fans.

The fans stuck with us. We were down at halftime but we came back out and shut them out. The fans really cheered us, got behind us, and gave us that passion we needed to get over the hump.

What does this game mean for your team?
It's a huge opportunity. Just to play a top five team here in the Carter, it's amazing. It's one of those things where if we're fortunate enough to beat them we can cherish for the rest of our football careers.

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