PC: Gentry, Payton Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Quintin Payton and Zach Gentry met with the media to discuss the upcoming game with Clemson.

Quintin Payton

"I love the spread offense being a receiver, but also the offense we run here gives receivers the same opportunity that Clemson has."

"I think right now we're just more focused on the present. We know what's happened in the past."

"I think the crowd will play a big factor in that."

"The extra days of practice were great. Just getting Pete comfortable with the speed of our receivers."

"I kind of liked both schools, USC and Clemson."

"The whole family is pretty much Clemson fans, but they are all coming to support on Thursday night."

"Don't let the lights blind you. Play like you did in the first game."

"It's been the No. 1 focus of the receivers this year... to eliminate dropped balls."

"They are fast. They move around and draw to the ball well, but they have flaws like every defense does."

"It's very winnable. We expect to win. I just think we have to not beat ourselves, execute on offense, and stop them on defense."

Zach Gentry

"I wouldn't say intimidation. I think we'll play harder because we know how good they are... our preparation has been a lot more thorough too. I'm looking forward to it."

"When we played against him last year, it was when you can hit him, you hit him hard."

"We're going to try and keep him contained."

"Coach Huxtable is trying to keep the MIKE linebacker in for a lot of run defense."

"I think during fall camp we really prepared for it."

"Louisiana Tech, they were no-huddle and they weren't as fast as our offense."

"We think we're a good team. I know we had trouble last game, but I think that adversity we faced was good for us."

"One of the top five things we have on our board downstairs is to limit explosive plays."

"We've been working hard to recognize what happens before the play even happens."

"Last year we had a different defense with different schemes."

"Coach Huxtable, we'll be able to hopefully stop the run a little more so we'll know when it will be passes."

"It's so competitive. If you have a bad day at practice you may play less in the game."

"I know defensively we're going to try as much as possible to get them off the field."

"The whole world thinks we're underdogs in this game."

"If we're underdogs in this game, that's fine. I think we kind of take that role to heart."

"I think their offensive line... they are all big guys with long arms."

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