Doeren: A Fast Start Is Critical

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss Thursday's game against Clemson.

Dave Doeren
"They are a very good football team, a very experienced football team."

"You look at almost every preseason award and it seems like they have a name on it."

"We know we're going to have to play really well. I know our guys are really excited for the opportunity to compete against them."

"They are a team that can score in bunches if you let them get hot."

"A fast start is critical for our football team."

"We have to limit the number of explosive plays, keep the ball in front of us and swarm to the football."

"Tajh Boyd is a great player. 67% completion rate and hasn't thrown a pick this year."

"Bryant doesn't get talked about a whole lot but the guy averaged 30 yards a catch last year. That's an impressive stat."

"Tackling in space, that's the key to us defensively."

"I know they are going to be coached soundly and they are going to have a lot of looks."

"For us to be able to run the football, that's something important for us to be able to have the ability to throw."

"I look forward to that and I know our offensive line is excited. They have a great pass rusher, Beasley."

"You can tell they've been in the system for two years. They are playing the defense better."

"Both kickers are really good. I think their guy leads the nation in touchback percentage."

"Anytime you play a great team, especially for us being as young as we are, it's a great gauge for where we need to go."

"Being in the underdog role against a great football team on national television is something we're excited about."

"We really went right back to work like it was a normal work week."

"Sunday we had what our Thursday practice looks like. We'll come back tomorrow and get another one in."

"We went back to the film as coaches and tried to look at what we've done well for two weeks and haven't done well."

"It was a real productive nine days."

"I just say a lot of people are going to tell you that you don't have a chance in this game."

"Our young guys are just out there playing. They don't know anything better. For our older guys, it's a source of pride."

"It's helpful. The thing is, as a coach you can't let your kickoff coverage guys get bored because you just don't know."

"It's a nice weapon to know that you can get them on the 25 or better."

"One thing I've done is I really believe in a stretching routine for our specialists."

"Brandon was just put in a boot."

"He did a nice job. These last eight days have been really beneficial for Pete."

"He hasn't seen a defense like this one yet, so this is going to be a test for him."

"They've been together for a while on offense."

"Our defensive kids had to face our offense all through spring and all through camp and we're very similar in a lot of things that we do."

"They don't cover very long. Those guys are on the quarterback... they are blitzing a lot."

"He's getting a lot more confident. Bryant, just to settle into a role, and now we can start to grow the package... he's getting more and more confident and starting to see things better in the run game."

"Josh Taylor is also taking more reps in practice and gives us another option. He can run and throw as well."

"I know Bryant is excited for the opportunity."

"He kicks from 47 to 55 yarders every day [in practice]."

"Bryant is a competitive guy. I just don't think all the things that were thrown at him on offense... when he got here he was trying to play quarterback."

"I think he would be playing where Purvis is right now if we hadn't had the injury. He'd be playing special teams and the [H-back]."

"Keep away is important in a game like this."

"It's hard for an offense to get a rhythm when they have to stand there for seven minutes. Time of possession is important but it has to end with points."

"There are times, even in a game like this, where we want to go as fast as humanly possible."

"We'll see what the game brings us, but we know how important keeping the defense off the field could be in this game."

"It's a blue-collar game. It goes back a long time and just happens to be against probably the hottest team in the league right now."

"[Robert Caldwell] is probably one of the most improved players on our football team."

"He's a contact player and I like that a lot about a middle linebacker."

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