VIDEO: Postgame Interviews

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pete Thomas and Bryan Underwood met with the media following the loss to Clemson.

"I have to make more plays so we don't have to convert fourth-down plays to keep the drives going."

"We just went out there and executed."

"The o-line gave me great pass protection and the receivers made great plays."

"Great atmosphere, couldn't be better. It's one of the biggest stages in college football."

"I wish I could have played better."

"I think we have some of the best fans in college football."

"I just can't thank them enough."

"That was a big change of momentum, but we have to overcome that."

"If I don't fumble that ball, who knows?"

"Adversity is going to happen in football games."

"We have to overcome that and we didn't tonight."

"We didn't win. We didn't get the job done. That falls on me. I wish I would have made more plays."

"I think we did do some good things tonight, but we didn't do enough."

"The ref said he did. That's what they called."

"I didn't hear a whistle. I thought it was a touchdown all the way."

"I asked the official what happened. He said that replay looked at it and he clearly stepped out of bounds."

"Which play?"

"It was a good call by our coaches. We were telling them that the way they were playing our jets we had a chance to beat them outside."

"Quintin Payton had a very key block, along with Tyler Purvis, and I just used my speed and got up the field."

"I have to look at the film... they said I was out. I just bounced back and said hey, next play."

"They aren't the ones calling the plays dead, so we just said it sucks but let's keep going."

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