ACC Releases Statement On Underwood Play

ACC Coordinator of Officials Doug Rhoads released a statement Friday afternoon on the controversial Bryan Underwood touchdown run in NC State's 26-14 loss to Clemson.

Comment from Doug Rhoads, ACC Coordinator of Officials
"In last night's Clemson at NC State game, the official ruled the runner stepped out of bounds and whistled the ball dead. In conformance with NCAA Guidelines, the replay official properly recognized the play as one that was not eligible for review.

"Our office has viewed all available angles, each numerous times, in slow motion and freeze frame. It is not clear, in reviewing all angles, whether the runner stepped out of bounds or avoided any contact with the sideline. We recognize that within the number of images and angles viewed, some look like he did not step out of bounds while one looks like he did step out of bounds. In the end, this cannot be resolved beyond all doubt."

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