PC: Thomas, Salahuddin Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pete Thomas and M.J. Salahuddin met with the media to discuss the game with Central Michigan.

Pete Thomas

"It's all focus, all discipline, and it starts the week in practice."

"Penalties will kill us. We can't beat ourselves if we want to be the team we want to be."

"I've watched it a bunch of times and that's how you get better, watching yourself in a game situation."

"As an offense we can't beat ourselves, that starts with me."

"I need to be more accurate and keep making quick decisions. It makes it hard on the defense when the quarterback is getting rid of the ball quick."

"I'm more comfortable. We've played three games and I'm a lot more comfortable than I was the first three games against Louisiana Tech."

"I'm all about getting wins and I think everybody else is about getting wins. We played hard, we fought hard, but we didn't win the game. That's what we're here for."

"I think they are doing great. They are practicing real hard."

"I have complete faith in those guys."

"We learned our lesson when Richmond came in here. We can't let one loss turn into two. We're not going to do that. We had a great practice yesterday."

"He's been very active. He's in the golf cart out at practicing helping me out, coaching me up."

"We're always going over the gameplan, the playcall sheet. He's been a great teammate and he continues to be that while he's injured."

M.J. Salahuddin

"I think it's something we started in practice. We just wanted to build those good habits and practice to perfection."

"I think it was a good start."

"We still have a couple of mistakes that we can build on for the next couple of weeks."

"Coach Doeren is always positive with us and said to keep our heads up. We played our hearts out."

"The penalties are going to happen in football and what we can't do is beat ourselves."

"We just want to do what we do in practice and transfer it to the game fields on Saturdays."

"It's a shock at first but then you settle down, you get clam and collected, regain composure and you're ready to play."

"It actually made me personally a little mad. We could have been doing this all along. to me, I asked myself what I could have done to do this in the past couple of weeks."

"I think we've grown tremendously through all camp until now."

"We're doing what we're supposed to do and now we have to keep building on that."

"I was his roomate last year and we talked all the time about how when we get on this field we're going to make this happen."

"He's definitely leading us right now."

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