Pack Pride Q&A: Bryan Underwood

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Junior wide receiver Bryan Underwood talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming game against Central Michigan.

Junior wide receiver Bryan Underwood talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming game against Central Michigan.


How many text messages or Facebook messages that said you were in on that play?
(Laugh) I think I'm still getting some today. A lot of fans and people who watched the game keep tweeting me saying to me about what they saw on the play. I keep telling myself that the game is over with, and we've got to move on. It is what it is.

I don't if you even took a jet sweep the first couple weeks, and then against Clemson you come out of nowhere with you getting touches like that.
It was more of what they needed me to do for those games. That was my role for those first two games, but they saw a good advantage where I could use my speed in the game, so my role changed.

Everybody's role changes every week. Everybody is prepared for what the game plan is. Our role one week may be one thing, but then may be something different the next week.

When you come out of the huddle and you know the offense is gonna run a jet sweep, what's going through your head?
Run fast. I know I've got good blockers in the tight ends and receivers, so I wanna make their blocks look good, and I know they're gonna make me look good when I get the ball. I wanted to make sure I know I'm doing their part and I know they're gonna do theirs.

When you get around the end, do you want to get inside and get up the field as much as possible or are you still reading what you see?
You've got to read it out. Somebody may shoot down and you've got to go inside, or it may be an angle pursuit where you want to beat those angles. When you get the ball, you've got to read it out. You can't have a set mind on where you want to go because you've got to know how the defense is gonna play.

When you saw that play being worked into the offense, how much did you want to do that? It seems to fit you perfectly with your straight-ahead speed.
Yeah, I mean, when the coaches gave me the opportunity to run it in practice, I wanted to prove to them I could execute it the right way. I take the routes & jet sweep very seriously, and so when it came to game time, they felt comfortable running it. We practiced it well, and I just had to do my part.

It seems (from a point standpoint) you started kind of slow on offense these last two games. What are some things that you've noticed to try to prevent that going into this week?
Just coming out focused. We were ready to go with the previous week being our by-week, so we had our over-preparation to get out there. We were just over anxious to get out there. We were not really focused on what we had to do (for Clemson). We kept hurting ourselves, and weren't ready to go.

For you, was it a little bit frustrating to feel that you were that much away from breaking multiple plays? You had that first long run where you were ruled out, and then that long catch where you almost had it. What goes through your mind on those kinds of plays?
There's definitely frustration. But like the coaches always say – you can't let one play kill your whole drive, or the game. You just have to wipe it off and make sure you don't do it again.

What have you seen from Central Michigan on film?
They're a hard team. They're a really sound. They have an experienced secondary with other very athletic players like their linebackers. You've got to come out fast or they're gonna take the game from you. Just because they're maybe considered the underdogs in this game, we're not going to play down to them.

They're a really hard-nosed team, and they're gonna come our here with everything they've got.

We've been talking about the slow starts, but it seems opposite in the second half. The team seemed to really find a groove in both of those games offensively. Is it a sense of urgency or being more on task?
As the game goes on, we see what we can and can't do. You have prep work for a good team, but they may show you something different. So coming out at halftime, we saw the adjustments we needed to make. We started clicking on all our cylinders, and we knew what we had to do.

Talk about the confidence you guys have in Pete now. He's got a couple of games under his belt, and it seems like the offense is really starting to click.
This is Pete's first year playing with having to sit behind Mike (Glennon) to see how (Mike) operates. Now that he's had those games behind him, and with all the prep work, I can see that he's a lot more calm now. I could feel it at practice today, and I could feel it prepping for the Clemson game.

I can see he's a lot more focused with where his keys are, and he studied the defense a lot better.

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