Green:"We've got to Keep Producing"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pack Pride talks with NC State senior linebacker D.J. Green about the upcoming game against Central Michigan.

Coach Doeren said that he thought the linebackers may have had their best games against Clemson.
I feel like every game, we've got to come out & produce, and that's what we work towards in practice. We've got to keep producing. Keep going up and up; don't take any steps back.

Do you think it was a good sign with how well the team tackled Clemson?
I mean, yeah, I like the way our defense plays. We have a competitive group and to not let the team down. Everybody's going to give their best and to not let down their teammates.

What concerns you the most about Central Michigan?
I wouldn't say much of anything concerns me because we're familiar with a pro-style offense. It's pretty common nowadays, so as long as we practice hard and keep it up, we'll be fine

As a defender, do you like playing against a pro-style offense with them running downhill at you like that?
As a linebacker, that's what we love. We're enjoying this week. We're up to the challenge.

Is there any one thing you think as group you can work on?
We have just got to keep pushing each other. We can't let each other get relaxed or become lazy on the field, creating bad habits. We don't need to do that. We just need to keep pushing each other.

Coach said he's moved Drew Davis to defensive end. What have you seen from him there?
Drew's an explosive guy. That's the perfect position for him to showcase how explosive and athletic someone is. Coach Nielsen has been coaching them all up very well. He's gonna take that and go with it.

How key is the defensive line's performance to how you, as linebackers, play?
They're probably the best group collectively on defense, and I've been telling the linebackers that needs to be us. But right now, they're the best. We just want to push towards the impact that (defensive line) has on defense.

Coach Nielsen has a no-joke program. They're kicking people's butts right there at the line of scrimmage, and that's the game right there.

They've got great depth where guys can come off the bench that the first string guys are doing.

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