Doeren: "It's a Tough Place to Play"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Dave Doeren will take his NC State squad on the road for the first time this week at Wake Forest and he talked about preparing the difference in preparing for a road.

Dave Doeren

"Excited to be 3-1, and it's fun to be a part of a game where you start with a pick-six. For us to grow as a program, one of the things I challenged our players to do was come out ready to play regardless of who they're playing and to show improvement. The coaches did a nice job preparing the players, and the players came ready to play. There are still some things that can be better."

"We ran the ball pretty productively. We had more yards after contact than we've had in previous games, so that was good to see. And now we get ready for our first road game as a program. A lot has been said already about how hard that place has been in the past. I know it's a tough place to play, for whatever reason."

"Watching them on film, Michael Campanaro is a very good football player. A lot was said about him in the offseason. He plays hard, he's quick-twitch. They do a lot of different things with him. They have struggled to find their rhythm offensively, but he's definitely a player that we have to know were he is at all times."

"Defensively, Wake Forest is very sound. They have two very good defensive linemen. Whitlock and Thompson, combined they 16 TFLs and seven sacks. They are very disruptive. They play with their shoulders square, knees bent, and they play hard. I think they are really good football players. We will have our work cut out for us blocking those guys up front."

"Our game captains will be Joe Thuney, Rashard Smith, Thomas Teal and Art Norman."

"I do believe in studying what has gone on, and this streak has been hard to ignore. There have been some very good State teams go up there with really good quarterbacks and come home not feeling very good. There is a reason seven of the last eight teams have been up there and not won. I do take pride in being a good road coach. You have to be able to take your show on the road, and this will be my first opportunity."

"I know Coach Grobe was the chair of the head coaches. In some of our meetings, he's kind of been our sounding board for national issues. I have a great amount of respect for how he handles himself and how he treats other guys. He's a breath of fresh air to me, the way he treats people. He's a first class man, and he's been very loyal to that school. I've never competed with him on the field, but I have multiple times in recruiting."

"You gotta bring the juice. You have to bring all of the energy. Your fans aren't there to give it to you, so you have to play where all of that energy is bottled up in you. If it's quiet, you know it's quiet because you made it quiet. That's the noise you want to hear, because it means you're playing good."

"We go to the stadium, we won't practice or anything. We'll walk around, they will see their locker rooms and where their pads are. They will know where they can get equipment, they know where the trainers are and they'll be able to come in and focus."

"I don't know, I think there is still competition at running back. Shadrach is working himself back in to what people thought would happen. He's made progress, but it's the consistency of it that we want to see. Matt is still making some rookie mistakes. Tony is valuable guy because of how smart he is and he know everything. There is value in all three of them."

"There is better understanding of the scheme. They've seen a lot of different people try to attack it in different ways. Coach Huxtable does a good job explaining the strengths and weaknesses of the coverages, how to make it look like one thing and play another. We don't do a ton of stuff, kind of like a pitcher. We're more multiple on third down maybe, but kids are learning how to play the scheme. The improvement is more in the fundamental part of how we play than the calls."

"Brandon Mitchell got good news on his last X-ray, it showed a lot of healing. They took him off the crutches, so now he's weight-bearing. He's doing all of the sprinting in things in the pool. This is a big week for him, being off the crutches. There is hope for next week. We'll see where it is. I'd prefer to have him right now, but we don't. When they tell me he can practice he'll start practicing. He needs to play football, he's played five minutes of football. He needs reps."

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