Thuney, Green talk Wake Forest

Joe Thuney and D.J. Green met with the media on Monday afternoon, discussing the Pack's upcoming road contest with Wake Forest.

Joe Thuney

"We haven't had a very good history there and we're trying to get the monkey off our backs. It's a big motivator this week."

"We just have to be more focused. Traveling is different, we're playing in a different stadium, different environment. We have to stay together as a team."

"It's always nice to win, but there is that satisfaction of going to an opponent's place and silencing their crowd to come out with a victory."

"In high school, I played everything but center. I played different positions each week depending on who was the best defensive linemen. They moved me to right guard, then to tackle. I guess I played tackle well enough to move me to left tackle."

"I've had a bunch of help from my teammates and coach. They've been on my back to get the details down. It's been tough, but Tyson and Rob and Coach, of course."

"We're starting to become pretty confident in our offense. We're starting to gel. I think we'll be OK on the road."

"Chemistry on the offensive line is really important, but our two deep is really tight. Whoever is out there. We know how we play, so whoever the five are out there will do a good job and communicate to move the ball."

"Not really, we can't even tell which QB is back there half of the time. We just play hard and try to play to win."

"We are a lot more comfortable. We're starting to feel each other out and gel a lot more."

"This week we're really working on detail. There is a still a lot of stuff we need to clean up. There are yards still out there. Detail is the order this week and we're trying to focus on minimizing our mistakes."

D.J. Green

"There hasn't been too much talk about (the losing streak at Wake Forest). We're just taking it one game at a time. They're up next."

"Honestly, I don't think anything of it. The past is the past. Hopefully we can change that come Saturday."

"My sophomore year, that was the worst game I had. It was a pretty bad game for me, but it was when I started to turn things around."

"They have a pretty good crowd, we just have to maintain our momentum. Our crowd is going to travel down there, I know that for sure. We'll get momentum from them, and we'll be fine."

"Teams play well at home, just like we do. It's tough to go into an opponent's house and get a win. We just have to practice hard this week."

"The more things can be simplified, the more you can just play. Having simple calls allows you to play faster."

"There is nothing like game shape, unless you play a game. It had been a while for me before this season. In practice I want to push myself as hard as I can, but you can't get into game shape unless you play the game."

"It felt great (to score). But all I could think about was my teammates because we were talking about how we needed to get interceptions. Don't let the linebackers start it off for the DBs, but it felt good to start things off."

"I don't take anything for granted, because it was easily taken away from me. I really cherish football, and it made me think about a lot of things. I feel like I matured during my suspension and I'm just here to give all I have my last year."

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