WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Jim Grobe met with the media to discuss Wake Forest's upcoming game vs. NC State.

On facing NC State on Saturday...
"(They are) very talented. They remind me a lot of Clemson; they are very athletic defensively and they really run the ball well. Offensively they give you a lot of things to look at; a lot of different formations, different plays, some wildcats and some different things.

"A real challenge for us and (they have) some return guys that are pretty special."

More on NC State...
"I think by now they are the team that almost beat Clemson... they kind of got it all together right now. It seems like the new coaches have them playing their schemes really well.

"We're just impressed with them. They are talented and well-coached."

On the rivalry between Wake Forest and NC State...
"I think it's especially a rivalry to the North Carolina kids with kids they've played against and with in some cases, some of the kids on their team.

"I think anytime you play a team every year, especially when they beat you the year before, I think it gives you a little motivation.

"I think all the teams in your division that you play every year, you get to know pretty well and so it becomes a rivalry because you play every year."

More On The Rivalry:
"Well, we haven't won many there either, it's kind of a give-and-take thing... I think most teams play better at home. I would hope we play better this week."

On the importance of senior leadership...
"It's very important for our seniors not only to take a leadership role but to play well. I think at Clemson last week we traveled right at 25 freshmen. The mix is freshmen and seniors.

"The seniors really need to play their best football and they got to kind of hang in there with the young guys and hope they play better each week. We need a good senior presence on this team especially with a rough start and some really good teams left."

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