Doeren: "They Play Hard"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Thursday's practice.

Dave Doeren

Thoughts On Wake Forest Defensive Tackle Nikita Whitlock:
He uses his hands, he's quick-twitch. He plays hard, and he's a good athlete. He's been playing a long time so his game experience and play recognition is at a high level.

Thoughts On Overall Experience For Wake Forest:
In your head you would assume the more continuity, the more success, but they are also missing some parts. Everybody is at this time of the year just due to injuries.

I'm sure anybody that isn't getting the results they want are going to be frustrated, but I know their players are going to play hard. They have a lot of pride in that program and coach Grobe has built it the right way with redshirt seniors, but they are young in some other spots and that might be the difference. Across the board, there are more freshmen playing than we're used to seeing.

We have the same issue on our team, we have a lot of young guys. At times you have young mistakes and that's the part of the deal when you play freshmen.

How has practice week been?
We're excited about the road trip. It's the first time we go together on the bus and go to somebody else's stadium. I think you learn a lot about your team when you get in those surroundings.

Thoughts On The In-State Rivalry:
It's really rare, not only to have that many Division I teams in one state but to play them all in one calendar year so we're excited about it. It's one of our team goals, and this is the first one we get to play.

We'd like to start that series off obviously with a win.

The Wake defense is forcing turnovers. What can you attribute that to?
They play hard, and when you have a decent pass rush and sound defensive coverages you're going to get balls thrown into zones where people are breaking on it.

They do a nice job. They've been playing the same defense for a long time over there and their kids understand what to do, why, and how. You've got to be precise in how you run your plays offensively and obviously sound with your ball security.

How important is stopping the run?
It's paramount. Their passing game hasn't been great for them so we've got to make them one-dimensional as an offense.

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