Pack Pride Q&A: Duran Christophe

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Redshirt senior offensive guard Duran Christophe talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming game against Wake Forest.

Redshirt senior offensive guard Duran Christophe talks with Pack Pride about Wake Forest.


With all the new lineups on the offensive line, how do you feel the chemistry there is coming along?
Well, honestly, I think our chemistry has been strong since the spring. I guess the best thing about our group is that everybody pay's attention, so everybody should know everybody's position.

I feel it's all there. We trust each other.

How would you evaluate how Quinton (Schooley) is playing?
It's crazy. We expect a lot of him now because he's shown that he can do it. He's a really smart center, and just a smart guy.

How much does the team's ability to rush the ball from different positions help out the offensive linemen?
It's fun. It's easier, too, because the defense doesn't know where the ball is going. There are multiple ways you can play the ball, and it helps out a lot.

Talk about the advantage an offensive lineman has when you know you have leverage on the defender because you do know where the ball is going.
It feels great. It's almost like I know where (the defensive lineman) is going, I know where I'm going, and I know where the ball's going, too. So I kinda know the end result of the play already. It makes the game a lot more fun.

It seems that even though the offense is no-huddle, the offensive linemen run up to the line and wait for the ball to be snapped. Does that allow you to have a bit more "freshness" in the game with those moments of short rests in between plays?
I guess you can say that. It's like a no-brainer now. We don't even think about it. Even though we're playing fast, we're just at the offensive line waiting for the line to get set.

At the beginning it was tiring running up to the ball, feeling like you're dragging and hurting. But now, it's like second nature.

Big matchup this week against Wake's Nikita Whitlock.
It seems like he's been there forever. I remember I was a sophomore starting down there at Wake Forest and I thought he was a senior. Nikita, he was All-ACC last year, so obviously he's a great player.

We have Rogers Clark on our scout team, and he's been playing Nikita Whitlock ever since he's been here. He does a great job of it, so I think we'll be ready.

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