NC State, Gale Force Holdings Reach Agreement

NC State University Chancellor Randy Woodson and Gale Force Holdings President Jim Rutherford announced today a formalized process for scheduling events at PNC Arena, which serves as the home of NC State men's basketball and Carolina Hurricanes hockey and hosts numerous large indoor events.

NC State-Gale Force Holdings Agreement

The guidelines state that each year by Nov. 1, NC State will release to Gale Force all but three Friday dates between the last week of August through the second week of March for the upcoming academic year to allow hockey games and events to be scheduled on those dates. After July 15 of each year, Fridays not booked by Gale Force will revert back to NC State for use as home basketball dates.

No later than May 15 each year, NC State will release all unbooked dates from the last week of August through Dec. 31, which will allow Gale Force to submit its schedule for Hurricanes games to the NHL by June 1. After the Hurricanes schedule is announced, typically around July 15 each year, all remaining open dates will be released to NC State to fill its non-conference basketball schedule. Between May 15 and July 15, NC State can confirm a non-conference basketball date as long as Gale Force has not requested it to the NHL or booked a non-Hurricanes event.

Gale Force agreed to not schedule Hurricanes games or other events on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays during the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) season until the ACC releases its final schedule. The ACC men's basketball season runs from Jan. 1 through the second week of March.

No later than Nov. 15 each year, Gale Force will also provide to NC State its list of preferred dates for the subsequent National Hockey League season. NC State will forward Gale Force's preferred dates to the ACC for informational purposes. If the ACC identifies a potential conflict with a Gale Force preferred date, the ACC will notify NC State and NC State will communicate with Gale Force in order to keep that date free.

NC State will release up to three days from Nov.1 to April 1 at Gale Force's request in order for Gale Force to schedule major single-day events that Will Gross more than $500,000. Gale Force can schedule only one of these events within any 30-day period.

As it has for many years, NC State will also continue to release five consecutive days during its fall semester exam period in December so Gale Force can schedule Disney on Ice and release seven to 10 consecutive days in February for the Ringling Bros. Circus. Gale Force will notify NC State of this event's dates no later than July 15 of the previous year.

The agreement did not change the existing contract. In the agreement, Gale Force acknowledges NC State's contractual status as the primary and preferred user of PNC, and NC State acknowledges the need to collaborate with Gale Force for the continued success of the arena.

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