Locker Room Report: Dave Doeren

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the 28-13 loss to Wake Forest.

Dave Doeren
"Campanaro obviously we couldn't stop today. Even when we had him double teamed at times we couldn't stop him."

"We didn't play well. We didn't do what we needed to do. It starts with me obviously - I thought I had him ready to play today."

"For us to grow as a team we have to be more disciplined."

"We have to stay focused on the road. We are down a lot of players right now unfortunately and when Rashard and Jarvis went out - that was tough."

"Wake did a good job. They changed up a lot today."

"It's a learning experience. Obviously my goal was to come on the road and get a win this week and we didn't do that. We'll go back and look at why - the season is not even close to over for us. We got a lot of building to do in our program."

"They have a very good front - #50 played really well tonight I thought."

"They played with depth in the secondary so we couldn't get behind them - they forced everything to be in front of them. Had a nice game play - if we could have gotten off the field on defense and gotten them tired we might have had a chance but we didn't do that tonight."

"The play [at the end of the half] that they threw the touchdown we had two guys on [Campanaro] and Brandon Pittman didn't cover him. Stood there staring out the quarterback and he's supposed to double-team Campanaro on that play."

"When we gave our offense field position we didn't take advantage of it - twice. Just wasn't good enough."

"[Price] played really well. The guy scrambled, he made plays."

"I thought their guys played their best game of the year against us. Part of that's them and part of that's us."

"We don't execute on the road the way we do at home. We talked about it umteen million times this week. The message has to go from the locker room, to the field."

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