PC: Cheek, Norman Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Ryan Cheek and Art Norman met with the media to discuss the game with Syracuse.

Art Norman

"Syracuse likes to run a lot, so the whole d-line needs to focus on pad level and staying low."

"I'm excited. I haven't watched a whole lot of film yet, but I'm excited."

"We didn't so much practice for the big splits. We didn't see it a lot on film, or at all. We got to the sidelines and made a few adjustments."

"We just have to adjust and I don't know if everybody did a great job adjusting."

"That's how it is. It's football and you want to win, that was part of their gameplan."

"Penalties is a big deal. It makes sense. It's hard playing when every time you get something going you come back 15 yards or five yards... it kills the momentum."

"We have to be a great team, whether it's at home or on the road."

Ryan Cheek

"We have to start winning away games if we want to start winning championships."

"Everybody has to be on board for that."

"I don't know, I guess I just got tired of paying for bad haircuts."

"Just focused in, knowing where to line up. Post-snap, there is no excuse for those penalties. That's just not being smart."

"This Saturday is real important for a season and the team in general."

"It's a really big game for us."

"For me, I haven't been playing well at all I don't feel like. Being a fullback, if I don't block well the running game isn't going to be there and I saw that a lot on Saturday."

"I need to step my game up. I'm not where I want to be."

"Every year you play new teams. It's a new team that's also in the conference."

"This week it's loyalty... you have to be all in. Who is going to try and jump ship, start pointing fingers? We just all have to come together this week."

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