Mitchell: "I Felt Great"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior quarterback Brandon Mitchell updated his status following Tuesday's practice.

NC State senior quarterback Brandon Mitchell updated his status following Tuesday's practice.


Brandon Mitchell Audio

How did you feel today?
I felt great. I did some individuals, kind of the same thing I did on Sunday with coach Doeren and some of the developmental guys.

It felt good to get out and move around and kind of get back in the pocket.

What do you need to see from yourself to feel like you're ready?
Just being able to run full-speed straight ahead. It's no good for me to be in the game if I can only stay in the pocket because then everyone will just drop eight.

I just have to be able to do both dimensions of the offense because that's when we are at our best, when we can run it and throw it.

Where are you at from a conditioning standpoint?
I'm probably in the best shape right now. We've been swimming since the day after the surgery so that part is not an issue.

What are the chances that you play on Saturday?
It's probably 50-50 right now. It's going to be coach Doeren's call where he doesn't want to put me in a position where I have a setback.

If I'm still feeling good without having any soreness or pain then I could play on Saturday.

Will the bye week play a role in the decision?
I think that's one of the biggest factors in the decision... where I could play and then have those two weeks to get ready and get my foot back feeling 100%. That was the original plan, to be 100% going into the Florida State game.

If I could play Saturday and then be sore after the game I'd have another week to rest it off and the game week of Florida State I could get ready for them.

How disappointing was it for you?
It's a little disappointing, but that's the way the ball goes. You play football you expect injuries and things like that.

It' been a humbling experience to be up there and learn more with coach Canada and be able to be one of those father-figure roles to a lot of these freshmen.

What have you seen from Syracuse?
They are a physical team. The coordinator there is a Big Ten guy so they are going to do a lot of blitzing and play physical. They want to stop the run and dare you to throw it when they play man behind it. We just have to be able to execute and be able to win our one-on-one battles up front and also at receiver.

Did you sense right away something was wrong when you hurt it?
Yes, I knew right away. I hurt it the third play of the first drive, and I knew right then it was broken.

I didn't want to come out so I played the next two series, and the third series it was too painful to keep playing so I pulled myself out.

Was it a running play?
Yes, it was the run going up the right side right before Creecy scored.

Were you going to try and play with it... did you plan to tell the coaches?
I knew it would come to a point where I wouldn't be effective, and it would hurt the team more.

After that third down where I couldn't run and get the first down I knew I was hurting the team more than I could help them.

The ultimate goal is to win, and I felt Pete gave us the better chance to win.

Did they put a pin in your foot?
Yes, they took the two broken bones and put the pin in between them and let it play as a beam.

Talk about your relationship with Pete.
We have a great relationship. That's something I've always worked on being under Mallet and Tyler, having that backup role relationship with those guys, and that's something I could help Pete with.

Just try to help each other grow... you're always one play away as a backup, and you see it now. He's come in and done really good for us right now.

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