Pack Pride Q&A: Juston Burris

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Sophomore cornerback Juston Burris talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming game against Syracuse.

Redshirt sophomore cornerback Juston Burris talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming game against Syracuse.


Evaluate your play... it seems like you've been able to get your hands on some passes in recent games.
That's the way you have to be as a defensive back... when you're trying to get to the next level or make a name for yourself, guys want to see attacking the football.

I want to get the ball. Coach Hux has us always trying to take the ball away, whether it's an interception or fumble, we're going to pick it up and score.

Those little things help us out.

For the most part, your defensive line has been able to pressure the quarterback...
We love those guys. They are helping us by getting to the quarterback. Even if they don't get there for the sack, their constant pressure has him looking to get rid of it fast. We help them out because if we cover the receivers the quarterback can't throw the ball.

We're all trying to help each other out.

Obviously you had some issues against Wake, but for the most part the defense has been solid this season.
I'm proud of our team. A lot of people didn't have any faith in us in the preseason because we had a lot of guys leave or graduate. Now we have new guys starting for the first time, but for the most part we've been playing pretty well.

What did the coaches stress before the first game against Wake Forest?
That it's no different than Carter-Finley. When we go on the road we're going to have music blasting and trying to play loose.

What did you think was the problem at Wake Forest?
It's always hard to play on the road. You have to be prepared, and you have to know that your're going into an environment where you're not welcome.

You have to step up and we didn't come ready to play. We definitely should have.

Senior safety Jarvis Byrd was banged up at Wake Forest. Obviously we don't know his status, but what would you be missing if he can't go against Syracuse?
He's definitely a vocal leader for us and it would be a missing piece that we're not going to have... having him back there talking to us, making calls. His experience and leadership, that's definitely going to be a problem.

But, we have Dontae [Johnson] going there right now with Tocho sliding into that corner spot.

We're going to be fine. We have another veteran leader capable of playing at safety so we're going to be good.

What have you seen from Syracuse?
They have #1, a big, physycial receiver who moved from running back. The have some big, tall receivers that can really run.

It's going to be a challenge this week, as it always is.

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