Ramos Steps Up

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pack Pride talks with freshman wide receiver JuMichael Ramos about this week's game.

Pack Pride talks with freshman wide receiver JuMichael Ramos about this week's game.


What are your thoughts on how do you've been playing lately, in general?
I know a lot of guys are down right now, so I'm just trying to play my role, making sure I'm making big plays and plays when they're needed.

How do you feel getting Marquez (Valdes) back after being banged up is going to help?
He should come back, knowing Rashard's down. Right now, I'm moving to Rashard's position, and Valdes is back at the X-position. I'm just going to play a new position and be wherever the team needs me.

How good does it feel moving forward to know that so many of the freshmen have contributed already?
We have a bright future at NC State. We've got a lot of freshmen playing right now, so we're going to have a lot of experience next year. We're just going to work hard and see where it takes us.

But right now we're focused on Syracuse.

What was it like to play your first road game after opening with four home games?
It was a good experience in a new stadium. It was wide open. It didn't really affect me too much, but we lost, so right now we've just got to step it up and make plays.

What are you seeing from Syracuse on film?
They've got some big defensive backs. The way to probably beat them is to make sure you get a good release, stay with them, and beat them down the field. They get physical at times too.

Clemson seemed to have a lot of big plays against them deep down the field. Talk about what you and the team can learn from that game.
Syracuse runs a lot of crazy stuff back there in the secondary. They get mixed up at times and leave people open, so we really have to make sure we hit those spots.

What would it be like to get Brandon back in the mix and have some depth at quarterback?
To have Brandon back would be a big help for us. I know Pete took a lot of shots last game, so if Brandon were to come in and make some plays, it would be good for us as a team.

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