Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the 24-10 loss to Syracuse.

David J. Grinnage

"We just didn't capitalize. We're going to have to learn from this game, and build on."

"We have to capitalize no matter what."

"On offense, I'm just trying to play my part and be the best I can for the team."

Mike Rose

"They are a heavy running team. They ran much more than I expected. If we had played better gap control and held our blocks, we would have probably had a different outcome."

"We definitely have to bounce back. At this point in the season, you could go down or up."

"I'm more concerned about getting the team to realize that we can win."

"We definitely got our eyes opened after Wake Forest. There were a lot of things stressed this week at practice. Now we just have to work on playing through all four quarters."

Dontae Johnson

"It's tough, especially at home. We knew they were gonna run the ball at us and establish a running game. To see that happen in the fourth quarter, and cost us the game, is really tough."

"They out-toughed us in the fourth quarter, and it sucks."

"I'm not satisfied. We have to be able to put it together for all four quarters. That's something we've got to work on, but we're gonna get there."

Robert Caldwell

"It was rough. Real rough. We played hard up until the fourth quarter. They came out, executed, and we didn't."

"We just didn't execute."

"We've got to keep going and keep pushing We need to find ourselves collectively as a group. We need to trust each other more."

Bryant Shirreffs

"It's frustrating. We're right at the cusp of success, but we have too many guys making mistakes. That's going cost you."

"We're still beating ourselves, and that needs to quit in order to be a great team."

"We have to get in the film room and correct ourselves to improve, week to week."

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