CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NC State sophomore forward T.J. Warren met with the media at the 2013 ACC Media Day.

T.J. Warren

"The ability to make shots, make open shots, and be able to find open guys. We have some good big men that can bang down low and finish over the top of you."

"We're still young, but these guys, they have a real good feel for the game, and they want to get better. You can't knock that at all, wanting to get better. They compete and go at each other all the time."

"With a lot of practice and experience during the season we have no choice than to get better."

"It will be the same. We're going to run it down your throat and try to finish over the top of you."

"[Turner] has a good shot, 3-point shot, and he can really defense. He also really knows the offense after sitting out all of last year. He's been doing a real well. He's going to surprise a lot of people too."

"Tyler and Cat have bee competing, going at it. They want to get each other better so they are going to go at it and compete."

"He's changed his body a lot from his freshman year. He was little and now he's bulked up a little bit."

"He can finish over big bodies and has a good layup package. He can finish in a variety of ways."

"I'm finishing over the top of guys, dunking on guys... just finishing different ways at the rim. It's really helped me."

"I changed my eating habits. I took conditioning more seriously."

"The main thing was eating better, just making better eating decisions."

"I used to eat a lot of Chinese food and Bojangles, a lot of crazy stuff."

"Now it's Jason's Deli or Subway... a lot of fruits and vegetables, salads, water."

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