ACC MEDIA DAY: Tyler Lewis

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NC State sophomore point guard Tyler Lewis met with the media at the 2013 ACC Media Day.

Tyler Lewis

"I know if I hold them accountable they are going to hold me accountable as well."

"Just knowing that it will help the team out."

"We feel like we are going to surprise a lot of people this year... we have a lot of talent on this team, a lot of great guards, a lot of great players like T.J., and a lot of good transfers and freshmen coming in."

"We know we want to surprise them, prove people wrong, and have that chip on our shoulder."

"It definitely helps you out because you have confidence coming in, knowing you are so highly ranked, but now it's a different level."

"You know you have to give it your all everyday in practice and in the games."

"The guards make it easier on the new bigs."

"We know they are able to make plays, and with our guards, as far as being able to score and create, we can put them in spots to be able to excel."

"Lennard has been somebody that's really surprising me in practice. He's someone that understands the game and plays hard everyday in practice. He tries to do the right things, take charges, getting rebounds... doing stuff the team needs to win."

"Jordan is working really hard. He's really getting into great shape, finishing at the top of the square. I didn't know he was so athletic. He's been getting a lot of rebounds in practice, and his hook shot has been going in."

"He will be really good this year. T.J. is a hard worker and he wants to become the best player he can be. He believes he's one of the best players out there. You'll see big numbers from T.J. this year, that's a fact."

"He really doesn't miss that many shots."

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