CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Pack Pride caught up with some of the ACC's best players to get their thoughts on the overall game of NC State sophomore wing T.J. Warren.

Pack Pride caught up with some of the ACC's best players to get their thoughts on the overall game of NC State sophomore wing T.J. Warren.


"He's a great talent. As a freshman, he did a lot of great things for their team. I didn't really matchup with him because I was guarding C.J. Leslie, but we have a guy on our team, Aaron Thomas, who went to high school with him and he told us all about how good he really is. But, you think as a freshman he's really not going to do too much, but he proved his talent against a lot of good teams in the country.

"He can beat you in a lot of different ways. He can score on you, he can rebound on you, he can get offensive tip-ins, he can play defense. I think he's a very versatile guy and that's what those in the pros look for." -- Florida State Forward Okaro White

"He's a skilled player. He runs around the floor and plays hard. He hits the offensive glass. For some reason, he always find a way to get the ball in the hole. Great player, he's really skilled." -- Georgia Tech Forward Kam Holsey

"I've watched T.J. grow up through the AAU program, and he did a wonderful job last year. He played hard and put up a lot of points. I'm expecting big things from him this year." -- Miami Guard Garrius Adams

"He's a scorer. He can score. He's old school... there's not just one thing that stands out about him because he can do everything well.

"He's versatile. I know he's going to mean a lot to their team this year because they lost a lot of guys. He's a really good player." -- Wake Forest Forward Travis McKie

"He has a
very crafty game."

"He has a very crafty game, that's the way I would describe it. He plays a lot of different styles than most players play, and it's extremely effective. He shot over 60% last year so you know it's effective.

"He's going to be looked at to create more plays for them this year. It's going to be interesting to see how he does because he's such a big, physical guy that is so skilled. It makes it tough to matchup with him. He's a tough matchup, both mentally and physically." -- Boston College Forward Ryan Anderson

"T.J. is a scorer. I played against him a couple of times and that stands out. He scores in many ways, that's his biggest thing. He's a big body, and knowing he can get you a bucket at almost anytime, that's big to have." -- Wake Forest guard Codi Miller-McIntyre

"He's a guy that can score from all over the floor. He has great size, great hands. He loves that mid-range. He scores over the top of you and scores out of the post. He's too big for most guards and too quick for most big men. He's a mismatch.

"He has the offensive skillset to be really successful this year." -- Virginia Forward Akil Mitchell

"I've watched T.J. play ever since he was little. He's one of the scorers... one of the most efficient scorers in the country. With the personnel that they have, he's definitely going to be the highlight of their team, as far as them getting him the ball. I think he'll handle that, embrace that very well." -- Duke Guard Tyler Thornton

"T.J. is a great finisher and very athletic. He can also shoot. His all-around game is very good. He's a great finisher at the rim, and he's a smart player. I feel like he's a great player." -- Maryland Wing Nick Faust

"T.J.'s size is a great advantage for him, and he can also shoot the ball. He's a big wing that can take players into the post, but he can dribble too so he can take advantage of big guys.

"He's a great player. I believe he's going to do some good things for NC State." -- Clemson Wing K.J. McDaniels

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