Lewis, Vandenberg On Primetime With The Pack

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tyler Lewis and Jordan Vandenberg spoke briefly with the media following Primetime With The Pack.

Jordan Vandenberg

"It was fun. That's the easiest way to explain it. I was able to have fun for the first time in a long while."

"Me and Tyler have always had a good chemistry and Dez, Cat, and even T.J. can throw the ball to me. As long as we keep that working, it's always a good option to lob the ball at the rim. I'll go get it. I won't dunk it every time, but I'll definitely put it in."

"It's enjoyable. I've been here four years already so it's about time I got to show people that I've got something."

"It's been pretty easy. I'm the oldest on the team by a couple of years so anything I say they have to take with a little bit of weight regardless of how much I played in the past."

Tyler Lewis

"It was real fun to get back out here and play in front of our home crowd."

"We have some of the best fans in the ACC and the country so it was just fun to get back out here and play."

"I'm playing with a lot of confidence. I feel like I have to be the one to step up and be the team leader and get my teammates involved, and score when I have to."

"It's nothing personal. We're both trying to win and knowing that we're doing whatever we can to help the team win."

"Just knowing that we're able to push each other and still be friends off the court is a good thing."

"Vandenberg put in a lot of hard work and he got his body in good shape, losing a lot of pounds. He's really improved on the court, and I'm proud of him."

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