Pack Pride caught up with some of the ACC's best players to get their thoughts on the overall game of NC State sophomore point guard Tyler Lewis.

Pack Pride caught up with some of the ACC's best players to get their thoughts on the overall game of NC State sophomore point guard Tyler Lewis.


"Tyler has been like a little brother to me. The basketball community in North Carolina is so tight, we all wish success on each other.

"He's always been like a baby Nash to me. He's so flashy with the ball, he won't turn it over much, and he knows how to get people the ball where they can score. He can create for others. He's savvy. When you have a point guard like that you're going to have a successful team.

"He's undersized, but he has that heart. He's going to fight and put his team in good situations. I look at him like a little Steve Nash because he's so creative. He had a great point guard in front of him in Lorenzo who showed him the way last year so I think he'll be fine.

"Tyler had a great background growing up with his dad, and I think he took in what Lorenzo could teach him. I think he's in a great position to handle [the team]." -- Florida State Guard Ian Miller

"I've heard about Tyler Lewis ever since I was in high school. I'd hear stories about him scoring 50 points a game, things like that.

"He's a great payer, a great facilitator, and I think he's also a great leader. I think he showed all that last year, and you'll see it even more this year." -- Clemson Guard Jordan Roper

"He's always been a pass-first, crafty point guard. He's very intelligent and always knows where his players needs to be. He will do anything he can to help his team win." -- Miami Guard Garrius Adams

"It's tough playing behind Lorenzo because they are two different point guards. I think with Tyler running it the offense might not be as fast-paced, but it will be more efficient.

"He's a really good point guard. I think he's going to have a good year." -- Wake Forest Forward Travis McKie

"I've always admired his game."

"I just love the poise and pace he plays with. As a fellow point guard, I respect guys that know how to play the game and plays it the right way.

"He doesn't force anything, he's a great distributor, and he's rock solid. I've always admired his game." -- North Carolina Guard Marcus Paige

"He's a pure point guard. He's so smart in how he plays, and that's big for State. They are going to have a smart, talented point guard that can lead the team on the court." -- Wake Forest Guard Codi Miller-McIntyre

"Tyler is a great passer. I played against him a couple of times in high school, and he would pick us a part. He's a really heady guy... smart player.

"Obviously he's not the most athletic, but he's a good player that can really run a team." -- Virginia Forward Akil Mitchell

"He's very crafty. In high school, people would play against him and look at his size and underestimate his skillset. But, every time I've watched him play, whoever he went against, he held his own. In the ACC, and the guys we play against, he definitely has everybody's respect as a basketball player.

"He doesn't back down. For his size, for anybody, it can be easy to shy away, but he won't do that. He's crafty enough, and he understands the game, which is his advantage. Size doesn't phase him because he understands the game. He's definitely a good player." -- Duke Guard Tyler Thornton

"Tyler is just a overall great point guard. He has great vision and a high IQ. I would think he's going to be a guy they rely on this year." -- Maryland Wing Nick Faust

"He didn't play as much [last year], but when I did see him play he payed with extreme confidence. He played pretty good against us when they came to our place.

"I think he's a phenomenal player. He's still learning." -- Clemson Wing K.J. McDaniels

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