PC: Mitchell, Green Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Brandon Mitchell and D.J. Green met with the media to discuss the game with Florida State.

D.J. Green

"We're going to go out and do what we prepare to do."

"We have a chance to gameplan a little bit because we had a bye week, so I was thinking about the plays I'll get to make against them."

"They are a pretty good team. We have to do what we're coached to do."

"He's a good player, he's talented, but I'm a defensive player. The way I think about offensive players is not pretty good, but we're going to come out and compete."

"It's a big plus. Some things you can't coach in some guys. Some of the guys that have been injured, it's a big plus they are coming back and getting healthy."

"It's focus. The word is focus. That's what we've got to do in every aspect of the sport."

Brandon Mitchell

"I was very impressed with them."

"I was very impressed with how physical they were as a defense, and their offense scores points."

"I'm going into my fifth-year so I should be able to handle it by now."

"Not press too much... just play fast and physical."

"The first week was my first time out of the boot so we expected it to be sore."

"After each practice it was just sore."

"As a mindset, I was rusty on some of my reads so I felt, me and coach talked, that I was ready to play yet."

"Right now I'm pain free... after every practice I go in and ice and keep doin my rehab."

"We compete every day in practice... I think we can compete with anybody."

"I knew it was broken right away, so that part was frustrating... I thought it was worse than that, I thought I would miss the whole season."

"The only thing you can control is effort and attitude in life."

"I think that's a situation right now that we feel good about. It was good to have a bye week right before this game."

"For me, to have that last week without having a game... it was almost like a fall camp practice for us the whole week."

"We're all we've got. That's our mindset. We're just going to go out there and play for each other."

"I have to play within myself."

"Whatever they give us, that's the play I have to make."

"I can't press and try to do too much. I just have to play within myself and make plays when they present themselves."

"I don't think this stage will be too big for me. I just have to play within myself and trust my teammates to make plays."

"He's a great player in his own right, but at the same time you have to give the players around him credit too."

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