Pack Pride Q&A: Shadrach Thornton

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore tailback Shadrach Thornton talks with Pack Pride about this week's game against Florida State.

This is going to be the toughest environment you play in this season. What's that going to be like?
They have a great environment and supporting fans, but we just have to play ball. We have to block all that out and focus on the details of our jobs.

A lot of people aren't giving you guys much of a chance, but you definitely seem confident. Talk about the overall confidence of the team.
The energy is always here. We have a strong belief in our team, regardless of what the outside noise is. They are a great team that makes minimal mistakes, but we have to take care of the ball and get the job done.

Do you think the bye week came at a good time? It seems like you guys were able to get a little more healthier.
In that sense, yes, but to be honest, I like to roll baby. I don't really like the bye week. I like playing.

But, it was good to fix some of the stuff we were doing wrong and get back some of our playmakers.

What were some of the things you tried to correct?
The mistakes... the production on first down. We have to convert third and short. If you can't convert third and short it's going to be a tough night for you.

If you can't get positive yards on first down it's going to be a tough night for you. It puts the offensive coordinator in a tough position. We have to be better there.

What is biggest factor for you guys this week?
Playing for each other. We also want to play four quarters and create explosive plays.

That's the biggest thing.

It sounds like Brandon Mitchell will be back at quarterback. What does he add to the offense?
He's going to add knowledge of the game. I'm not saying Pete doesn't have that because he's a great quarterback with a strong arm, but Brandon Mitchell is more experienced with defenses and he's really good at what he does.

I admire that about him. He's a hard worker in the film room, calls meetings... he does everything necessary to be a great quarterback. That's what we need on the field, a leader... someone who knows what they are doing.

Again, I'm not saying Pete doesn't do that, he was a leader as well.

Same question for Rashard Smith. What does he add to the offense?
He's explosive. He knows how to make plays, read blocks and get north-south. Despite how big he is, he knows how to make plays. We need him back.

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